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Jackie Chan's cooking with gas in Mr. Nice Guy

Sammo co-starred in and directed several of Jackie's best films during his run of brilliant work in the 1980s, including Wheels on Meals, Dragons Forever and Heart of a Dragon. The two have had rifts in recent years, and the Hong Kong release of Mr. Nice Guy represented Sammo's comeback after several lean years. (The phrase "lean years" will sound ironic to anyone familiar with Sammo's substantial physical presence. He gives himself a brief, very funny role in Mr. Nice Guy; he's the one the bad guys call "fat boy.")

If Mr. Nice Guy does better than other recent Jackie films--as it deserves to--it should encourage distributors to start mining Sammo's large back catalogue of wonderful films, even those without Jackie in them.

Mr. Nice Guy
Directed by Sammo Hung Kam-Bo; with Jackie Chan.

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