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Con Games
A correction to Chris Farnsworth's "Jailhouse Blues" (March 5): Dale Copeland can't be the warden of the Aspen Special Programs Unit (SPU), because that facility has no warden. Nor does the Arizona Center for Women (ACW). What they do both have are deputy wardens, both of whom work for Mr. Copeland, who has been the warden for the entire Phoenix Region complex throughout the period mentioned in "Blues." That complex also includes the Flamenco Mental Health Center (FMHC) and the Alhambra Reception and Treatment Center (ARTC), both on the Arizona State Hospital grounds along with SPU (ACW is located at 32nd Street and Van Buren), and the Arizona State Prison at Globe. By writing that Mr. Copeland was "formerly the warden" of ACW when an earlier lawsuit was filed, and that he is "now Aspen's warden," Mr. Farnsworth seemed (to me, at least) to be implying that sexual-misconduct allegations against staff members are following in Mr. Copeland's professional wake.

Of course, having been an officer in the Department of Corrections for nearly 16 years (more than 11 of them in the Phoenix Region), I wouldn't expect any journalist to be either as knowledgeable about or as interested in such administrative details as I am. I wouldn't even expect one to be as knowledgeable or interested with regard to the difficulties inherent in investigating allegations made by members of a population which includes a high percentage of psychopaths and con artists. I might still hope on occasion, but most of us in the "priz biz" learn very early not to expect it.

Glenn Few

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