Lorraine Thomas
Columbus, Ohio

Your story "To Serve and Humiliate" clearly exposes an injustice to the fundamental principles of American rights as set forth and refined over the centuries to prevent being ruled by a dictator-style police force and government. Our rights were designed and intended to "protect the citizens" and limit police and other government agencies to a level of equality and fairness to all.

Your story was excellent and powerful; it directed the attention of thousands of readers to their own sense of fairness. I feel relatively sure many other important city leaders will be moved to question the fairness issues in much the same way they did in the Rodney King case in Los Angeles. It would not surprise me to see attempts to remove the police chief of Scottsdale if he fails to immediately do a thorough and honest in-depth internal investigation to obtain the truth. If the truth is the same as your story, then officers Walther and Angelini should spend their day in court or at least be removed from law enforcement.


Lighten Up
Thanks for the great article about the "Phoenix Lights," and those who are exploiting the event ("The Hack and the Quack," Tony Ortega, March 5). You did a great job, but I'm afraid you'll never make it in the real world. If you want to make yourself a household name, you need to go along with the promoters of pseudo-science, not expose them. I mean, who ever heard of a reporter placing emphasis on quotes from people who actually know what they are talking about?

Barbara A. Meissner
San Antonio, Texas

I read and thoroughly enjoyed your article on the Phoenix UFO Lights. I wish that other journalists would approach stories such as these with as much skepticism and inquiry as you have.

Casimir Couvillion
Houston, Texas

I enjoyed your piece on UFOs and the believers surrounding those beliefs. I really enjoy seeing a reporter doing his homework, such as actually asking Hartford University if Jim Dilettoso did have a degree, or even attended classes. This article goes a long way to flush out some of the ridiculous claims made by some of these people.

Brian Kornfeld
Los Angeles

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