Yes, I'll admit it, I've been to a Diamondbacks game. I even enjoyed it. I saw the vendors selling Scott Fader's publication, and, unfortunately, I didn't buy one. I regretted that decision as soon as I got inside and saw the $5 programs for sale. When and if I ever go to another game, I will make it a point to find one of Mr. Fader's distributors and buy one. Heck, I may even buy five.

Mr. Fader, more power to you. I wish you much success in your venture, and please know that there are many people who support your right to make an honest buck.

Janet Brannan

Mocking It
Thanks for Tony Ortega's fine article on Arizona's high school mock-trial program, which teaches kids the basics of American jurisprudence. The article touches on some of the faults of our justice system. John Langbein, Chancellor and Kent Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School, has written: "Ours is a criminal-justice system worthy of some banana republic where the rich often act with impunity and the authorities terrorize the peons at will." He concludes that our system is very much one where money is the defining element, where truth is only a happenstance, and that we should look to the Europeans for reform.

Maybe the students would be better served studying the latest period of legal hysteria in the U.S. rather than learning how to be sharks in a very flawed system.

Roland W. James
via Internet

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