Ambient Derelicts

Hull has finally recognized that any number of deranged shooters might be drawing a bead on her fanny. According to Knaperek, Hull has asked for the legislator's assistance in drafting compromise legislation. She says Hull is telling the conservative caucus, "If you don't like my bill, draft another."

Representative Knaperek says she is working on legislation that will cover 75,000 kids--33,000 more than Hull's bill--and that she intends to see that these kids' parents get health care, too. She is working with the same two pools of funding, federal funds and Arizona's tobacco tax.

After you get done with Governor Hull's posturing about her sensitivity and her leadership, after you get past Congressman Salmon's criminal associations, you may not forgive Larry Naman for capping a politician, but you can see how he got there.

It isn't just me.
The jury in the Naman case didn't run back in with a verdict. The case went to the jury last Thursday. Monday morning, the jury was still trying to make up its mind about the shooting. Jurors looked at Mary Rose, then they looked at Larry Naman. Then they looked back at Mary Rose.

Some of those jurors must have been feeling mentally ill and homeless themselves. They couldn't choose quickly between a citizen shooter and a politician.

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