Nikki Floyd
Mountain Ridge High School

Room Disservice
I want to advise you that the information in your David Spade story, "Spade in Full," in the April 16 issue regarding Tempe Mission Palms was not correct.

You assumed that since the show's credits say accommodations were at Tempe Mission Palms, then David Spade was referring to Tempe Mission Palms when he made the less-than-flattering remarks about his hotel accommodations. I would like to set the record straight by saying that David Spade was not a guest at Tempe Mission Palms during his stay in the Valley. However, members of his crew were guests at the hotel.

If Mr. Spade had chosen Tempe Mission Palms for his accommodations, I can assure you his stay would have been more enjoyable.

Kim Chmel
Principal, KC Marketing Communications

M. V. Moorhead responds: There was no inaccuracy--I quoted Spade correctly, and the show's credits do acknowledge the Tempe Mission Palms. An HBO spokesperson confirmed that he stayed at his own house while here in the Valley, and also noted that the HBO personnel that did stay at the Mission Palms found the accommodations delightful.

Reckless Driver
I can't believe you wasted a whole page of your paper to let Barry Graham whine about a speeding ticket ("Ticket to Deride," April 23).

Let me understand this. By his own admission, he is driving down the freeway with no idea of his speed, doesn't know he is being paced by a police vehicle, and "hits the brakes" to try to throw him off.

Then he whines when he gets a ticket!
Oh, yes, he claims, "My car can't go that fast"--now there's an original and imaginative defense; he must be an aspiring journalist to come up with that! The judge probably hadn't heard that in the preceding hour.

Get back to writing insults about dead people, Barry. At least that won't kill anybody.

Will Hartje

Did the big bad policeman give Barry-boo a tickety-wickety? I'm so sorry. But it's cheer-up time now, Barry. When you get to be a big boy, you'll learn to watch your speedometer. You won't just drive like the other children. You'll pay attention like you're supposed to.

Now let's learn another thing from grown-ups. Of course all clever children know that Officer Anunson should have said "kept" instead of "keeped." Please remember, Barry, that Officer Anunson might not have had the chance to go far in school like you do. If you work really hard on your homework every night, you can learn the legal definition of "hearsay." You might even be able to use the word "hearsay" correctly, just like a real adult.

As boys get older and bigger, they learn to admit it when they're wrong. They don't whine and insult police officers. They pay their fines like grown men. If you grow big and brave enough, Barry, you could even go to the Police Academy.

Marshall Winchester

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