"Frankie wanted that part so bad he could taste it," says one show-biz insider. "Sure, the role of Billy Bigelow couldn't have been more different from the off-screen happy-go-lucky Frank. In the movie, the character's a philandering cad who roughs up women and consorts with criminals. But Ol' Blue Eyes wanted to show off his dramatic range."

Officially, Sinatra walked off the picture because the studio was experimenting with a new wide-screen process that necessitated shooting every scene twice; when producers refused to double his salary, he quit. (Ironically, however, soon after Sinatra's departure, technicians developed a process making the extra photography unnecessary.)

But according to curse experts, the real reason Sinatra never starred in "Carousel" stems from "The Frank Sinatra Show," a CBS TV variety show the singer headlined in the early Fifties.

Following the show's final installment on April 1, 1952, the curse took the life of Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnar--author of "Liliom," the very play on which "Carousel" was based!

"With that curse working against him, there's no way Frank was ever going to play the merry-go-round operator in 'Carousel,'" says the insider. "What goes around, comes around!"

Rerun for Your Life!
A Cavalcade of Curse Victims -- and the Shows that Killed Them!

Silent-Screen Vamp Theda Bara/"I Married Joan" (4/7/55)

Comedienne Marion Davies/"The Ann Sothern Show" (9/21/61)

Actress Dorothy Dandridge/"MISTER Ed" (9/8/65)

Artist Edward Hopper/"Hey, Landlord!" (5/14/67)

Raconteur Dorothy Parker/"The Danny Kaye Show" (6/7/67)

"Bowery Boy" Leo Gorcey/"Peyton Place" (6/2/69)

Novelist J.R.R. Tolkien/"Lidsville" (9/1/73)

Character actor Billy DeWolfe/"The Partridge Family" (3/5/74)

Jazz great Duke Ellington/"The Girl With Something Extra" (5/24/74)

Writer Rod Serling & musician Tim Buckley/"Kung Fu" (6/28/75)

Actor Charles Boyer/"Tabitha" (8/25/78)

B-movie director Ed Wood Jr./"Rhoda" (12/9/78)

Ted "Lurch" Cassidy/"Grandpa Goes to Washington"

Director Frank Capra/"thirtysomething

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