River of No Return

Mason Jar makes tentative steps toward the new Millennium

"There's pretty much only a couple of places to go in Phoenix," he says. "I grew up in north Phoenix, and there's nothing to do in north Phoenix whatsoever. People just drive around. I'm missing culture. I want one of the bands just to come out with something real cultural, to start a scene."

Jones' final thought on Phoenix best explains why this arbiter of the au courant has been willing to align himself with such a chronically unfashionable bar. He explains, "I just want to make something happen so I'll have a place to go."

Prime Ministers: Local blues favorite Sistah Blue is currently breaking in a new bassist, Kati Ingino, as a replacement for Laura Adelia, who plans to attend ministry school in the fall. Meanwhile, Sistah Blue drummer Claire Griese is keeping active with her heavy-rock quartet Tung, which just released its self-titled debut CD. Tung's final CD-release show of the month takes place on June 27 at Big Fish Pub in Tempe, with the Claymores.

Radio Waves: A full two weeks before the June 30 release of its RCA debut album, Cup Runneth Over, Tempe trio Gloritone is already making a surprisingly big splash nationally. More than 60 radio stations around the country have added the band's first single, "Halfway," to their rotation. The band, which leaves on June 23 for a Midwest and East Coast tour, is currently waiting to see how radio trends continue before committing to the expense of a video for the track.

Who's in town: One of the most intriguing shows of the week has to be the local appearance of Quarterstick Records band Calexico. The group, which features two members of Tucson's legendary Giant Sand, will be at Stinkweeds Record Exchange in Tempe on Sunday, June 21, at 10 p.m. Admission is $5.

--Gilbert Garcia

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