Blazing File Folders

Was the state Department of Insurance out of line when it staged an armed raid on office workers in Chandler?

"I was using the funds we collected," Summerville says. "I know it was wrong, but I was trying to keep this thing going."

Summerville says she thought she was digging her way out of the financial hole she was in. Then the fraud unit arrived, and now she doesn't see any way back to a normal life. With files confiscated by the AG's Office, and investigators calling her clients, telling them she's accused of criminal fraud, she doesn't know how she's going to stay in business. She's down to three employees now, and she's wondering how she's going to keep paying them.

"Seven years into this, I thought that it was getting a little more stable. Instead, there's nothing left," she says.

Summerville insists that the investigators will find nothing in the files that were taken; she says that the Farmers files contain only cover sheets, and none of her employees were allowed to do Farmers work, because of the ongoing litigation. "They knew that anyone who did that would get terminated," she says.

She hopes it's going to end soon. "I pray every day they say, 'This is a big mistake,'" she says. But she's not optimistic. "I think that they have to indict me now, they've made such a big deal of this."

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