Makers' Mark

The Makers deliver primal soul music for the underprivileged

Making music is only as important as you think it is. Some people in some bands are cranking out the same fuckin' diarrhea every day. It's good for them, but I can't imagine them taking it seriously--they're just doin' the formula. For me, I'm lookin' at it from a different perspective nowadays. Nowadays, just recording to me is exciting, and coming up with new ideas for songs and just writing songs. There's a lot of danger in that, just as far as yourself, just trying to accomplish more. And touring is always exciting.

R: Give me a synopsis of the Makers' philosophy.
MM: It's always kinda been, fuck everybody. We grew up in a shitty neighborhood, and we were only friends with each other. For our entire lives we've never been, like, the chosen ones; we were always the dirty kids in school and got treated like shit, and I got expelled from high school. I can go on and on about how we didn't fit in growing up. So our attitudes have always been to do the opposite of everybody else and always try to find new things and new ideas. Dig around in the bookstores and the record stores and find the best books and best music. It's almost always the case that the stuff nobody's listening to right now is the best stuff; that's how it always works for us. You're always safe when you're contrary to the masses. It seems like that's always the best way to go; that's how we've always lived, and it seems to work.

Nowadays we're pretty popular, and I think it's because we somehow tapped into the group of people that are like us, that don't fit in, that aren't necessarily like all white, privileged, well-to-do kids--kids that grew up in a fucked-up way. I think there's a lot of people out there that don't have their own music.

When you turn on the fuckin' radio or MTV or something, that's not music for me, y'know; it's music for people that I don't even know. I don't know what kind of person can make that music and what kind of person can listen to that music and have it feel like it's touching or deep. To me it might as well be made by aliens, 'cause I don't understand it, I don't get it. I couldn't afford to make that music. It's music made by privileged people for other privileged people. There's so many people that are not spoken for, that don't get their own music.

R: So you're like the soul music of the underprivileged?
MM: I think so; I think there definitely are a lot of underprivileged people that need music that's touching and soulful that they can just dance to, without feeling alienated.

R: So given the chance, the Makers wouldn't hop to a major and get on radio playlists and do arena tours?

MM: Only if we didn't have to change anything; I like the way we're goin' right now. But that's just the way it is; supposedly, if you wanna be on a major label, you have to play their game, but you know, we're just not like that. I just wouldn't mind having money.

It's kinda tough, y'know, not having any money to do anything. It's basically like, pay the rent, buy food, and then you're done. It would be nice to have money to make the record you wanna make, or buy a tour van, or something like that. Not like we'd go out and buy a Corvette or something; we're not by any means, like, fuckers. If I say we wish we had money, it just means we wanna be able to pay the bills. I wish the guys in the band didn't have to work shitty jobs. You hate to see your friends doing that kind of thing, and you hate yourself doing that kind of thing; it wears away at you. It's frustrating when we see bands putting out total bullshit albums that we think are terrible, and a lot of other people probably do, and they don't even have to work, they haven't worked for years, and they're still putting out shit albums.

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The Makers are scheduled to perform on Thursday, August 6, at Hollywood Alley in Mesa. Call for showtime.

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