The shame of Arpaio is not so much his own corruption and sleaze; it is the fact that he is thriving in an environment that emulates and rewards his style of "justice."

Terry F. Tryon

"High Goon" points out the human-rights violations in and the exorbitant hidden costs of running the Maricopa County jails under our present sheriff.

According to the article, "getting tough on crime" is not working, because recidivism is about the same as before Arpaio. However, it would appear that the taxpayer is being duped into believing otherwise. Politicians have been known to do that.

Do jails that abuse inmates "correct" them? If it's true that violence begets violence, is it any wonder that brutalized inmates have become violent ex-cons who, incidentally, have difficulty obtaining decent, lawful employment? Are they forced into a life of crime to expand the criminal injustice industry?

Is the system imposing a life of crime on a certain class of people? According to Graham's article, attorney Ted Jarvi "rightly claims that the present system is waging a war against the poor" (possibly because, without adequate legal representation, they're easy to prey upon). If that's true, will there be any problem quickly overcrowding our proposed $1 billion jail?

Rich Rosen

I would just like to say thank you to Barry Graham for his article on Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the July 16 issue. Every article I read anymore is praising this idiot for the wonderful things he does, and it's all bull. I hope Graham has opened the eyes of all the "Arpaio-ites" out there and made them realize that Joe is a Joke. I can't stand him, his rules, his ideas, his ego, his jails, or the fact that he wants all that money to build a new jail. What's he going to do with that one? Put up some more people who can't make bail? Keep them there wearing those ridiculous outfits he comes up with? He's not running a jail, he's running a circus! He's the ringmaster, and all the inmates are his personal side shows. I say we rebel--no more Arpaio.

Name withheld by request

Lennon Aid
If Bart Simpson were a writer, he could write a less ignorant article than "Mike Douglas Held Hostage," Serene Dominic's July 16 review of the 450-minute, five-day show originally aired in 1972.

Serene, you have no compassion for or understanding of the time period, which you so coldly criticized through the Asian singing group, through Yoko Ono, even through John Lennon's band, Elephant Memory.

I take offense as a Lennon/Ono fan and as an amateur historian of that era. You pretend to praise the 450-minute show almost as a fan, but come across as a heartless yuppie-up-'n'-comer just writing a critique on something you know very little about or did little research on. You would give better treatment to a Barney video.

All is not lost: Try finding a copy of "The Playboy interviews with John Lennon & Yoko Ono/The Final Testament" (1981), and redeem yourself. What is this sitting in a sports bar, keeping score mentality? And by the way, the "dream is over" was December 8, 1980.

"Archie Bunker in all of us"? What an insult to your readership. Give compassion a chance.

John P. Cassano

Poison Barry
Regarding Gary Kahland's letter to the editor concerning Barry Graham (July 2): It's about time someone put that Graham character in his place! Replacing Mr. Screed with Graham is one of the unwisest personnel moves you have made in some time!

Yes, we're all sick and tired of Graham's sniveling, leftist "let's help the young before they become criminals" bit and the like! Enough! Now he has nothing to write about but his joy rides and carouses of drunken dissipation, with all the disgusting details. Yes, Mr. Kahland used harsh words, but they were only the kind that like-minded citizens like myself were afraid to use (the "silent majority").

Kahland brings up other relevant points as well, points often ignored by the whining "politically correct," like that Graham isn't even a genuine American! He is a "Scotsman," with all the implications that such a label might imply! With all the focus on Mexican illegals in the Southwest, let's not forget illegals from less obvious places. Where's your green card, Mr. Graham? No, he certainly wouldn't be much of a man in a kilt, would he! Why don't you go back to "Scotsman people land" where you belong, Graham, you lousy "plaid ass," you "bagpipe brain!" That'll learn ya! America, love it or leave it! And why don't you New Times guys go find and bring back a real writer, Mr. Screed, if he hasn't already found something better!

Nathan Latta

Editor's note: Barry Graham's green card is in his wallet. Peter Gilstrap, author of Screed, now writes for our sister publication New Times Los Angeles. His weekly column can be found at www.newtimesla.com

Diner Whiner
Once again some uptight lesbian (Letters, July 2) is "taking issue" with a perfectly fine New Times article ("Boy Meets Grill," Barry Graham, June 25). Last year they rallied en masse to blast Graham's Mercury fans article (which I thought was hilarious), and now they think you're attacking Denny's. Hello! Get over yourselves, step out of your preconceived notions that everyone is out to rag on us or prohibit our ability to express affection for our significant others (whatever their gender or affinity). I'm sure they don't care where you have dinner with your wife. There are enough real culprits out there trying to squash our rights to live and love, and New Times isn't one of them.

Pam Stone

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