Mike Test

Mixmaster Mike takes his turntable wizardry on tour with the Beastie Boys

Mike says he's doing media interviews every day, and he's so popular with music hacks that interviews are limited to 15-minute shots.

"I was totally an underground person," he says. "I never wanted all this exposure, and now I got 90210 calling. Now I got all this shit, and it's just so weird for me. I don't want this big spotlight on me, y'know. All in all, I've been blessed, and I really appreciate this, and I'm just gonna continue to do my shit and just stay focused at it and not let nothin' kick over me, not let the money octopus take over me."

Money octopus? You heard right. Along with his alien and sci-fi fetishes, Mike has a thing about octopi. Check out the cover art for Anti-Theft Device--a cartoon depicting MMM on the turntables with a large, green octopus, tentacles spread, looming behind him and a Voltron-style robot on the horizon, firing rays out of his hand at the octopus.

"The front cover, you got the octopus and it's made of, like, money, this money-hungry octopus," Mike says. "It's the whole fact that money's takin' over the world and it's bought the world, y'know, it's taken over this whole planet.

"That's why I needed the anti-theft device, because the octopus is comin' towards me, and I have one of my robots blastin' it from behind before it gets to me. 'Cause it can't buy what I'm offering the world, that's what it is."

Mixmaster Mike is scheduled to cut wax with the Beastie Boys on Monday, September 7, at America West Arena, with Rancid, and Asiandubfoundation. Showtime is 7 p.m.

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