Bombs Away

Bombshelter DJs launch a military maneuver on Scottsdale with Pentagon Night

"I have a lot of future hopes for these guys, and a business relationship with them, because I think that I would like to have a guy in Boston, a guy in New York, a guy in Washington state all listening to what they do," he says. "Once we get this thing rolling just right, we're gonna go all the way and try to get this thing syndicated."

Meanwhile, in downtown Phoenix, Crowbar ushered in Hump, its own Wednesday DJ night, on September 2. Hump was organized by local DJ Pete Salaz, and follows in the house-music tradition of Salaz's old Red Monkey club. At Crowbar, the vibe was positively sedate compared to the exuberance of Pentagon Night. While the DJs spun a consistently solid collection of house, the dance floor was pretty thin and the mood was relatively laid-back.

There was no competing with Pentagon Night, but Hump isn't designed for such a competition anyway. It's about a zealous commitment to the power of house beats, regardless of whether such a commitment is fashionable. The upshot is that with two strong new options, Wednesdays will no longer be an impossible hump to scale.

Twilight Zone: Easily the most curious billboard to be found on Valley roads at the moment is KZON's latest advertising pitch, which depicts a giddy Bob Dole holding a bottle of Viagra, accompanied by a brief message (like "Desire" or "New Sensation") apparently equating Viagra's potency with that of the station's playlist. How much you agree with this contention probably depends on how essential Meredith Brooks or Natalie Imbruglia are to your life, but that's not what I'm scratching my pointy head about. I'm wondering who thought that the image of a septuagenarian who perpetually failed to make it to the White House would be seen as cool or funny by the desired 18-34 demographic. What's next: Walter Mondale in a G-string for Tiffany's Cabaret?

--Gilbert Garcia

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