Thrust and Parry

When a Tempe cop was accused of a brutal sexual assault on an ASU student, the City of Tempe responded with an assault on the state's public-records law

Alvin Yellowhair has moved out of Tempe. He says he can't even drive through the city without feeling panicky.

Officer Ferrin, according to his attorney, is still "very angry" over Yellowhair's charges. "How would you feel?" his lawyer, Craig Mehrens, says. "You try to be a good officer, you do your duty, and then somebody makes these accusations."

Ferrin remains on duty.
Both men are looking at a long legal fight. Their lives, conceivably, will never be the same, yet Ferrin's employer is acting like nothing has changed.

Doug Bennett, the Trib's reporter, has already heard the unofficial reaction to the verdict.

He says a Tempe police officer recently told him, "I hope you don't think this means you guys can go on fishing expeditions now."

Bennett's response: "I'll be right over with my pole."

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