Many people said the Lewinsky and Clinton relationship should be "personal." What took place was wrong, but where it took place makes it a national matter! It took place in and near the Oval Office of the White House! Having a sexual relationship while on the phone with congressmen! Where does that fall under the job description of the duties of a president? What kind of precedent has he set? Not a good one! Many people have lost their jobs for much less than that!

Also, we are sick of the façade put on by Hillary Clinton, that she is standing by her man! What a way to win a popularity contest! Did it ever occur to anyone that when he goes down, she goes down also? She is only in it to keep the title First Lady. She is so brave! Hogwash! There are probably a million women who would do anything to have that position. She is just trying to be a martyr! Not in our eyes! She is just as conniving as her husband! She is in cahoots with him--trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people. Keeping her chin up is a diversion tactic for the American people to think if everything is okay with her, then it should be okay with everyone! Then Hillary keeps her title!

No, we don't feel sorry for Hillary! The only ones we have sorrow for are Chelsea, the dog and the cat!

If Clinton is not impeached, then the gates of the jails and prisons should be opened to let the thousands who have said "I'm sorry" out! We should also throw out all rules and regulations of schools, churches, workplaces! Let's throw out all driving laws while we're at it! Let's forgive everyone!

Clinton always talks about the importance of the education of our young people! Well, we can honesty give him credit for something! He has given our youth the best sex education in history! Morals are taking this country down every day, and Mr. Clinton can add his name to this distinguished list!

We sincerely hope a future headline will read: "Clinton impeached!"
Rose and Bernard Goick

Editor's note: Thanks for your letter, and here's the number for the National Coalition Against the Exclamation Point Abuse: 1-555-

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