Yes, I am leaning toward splitting my voting ticket on election day, and whether or not I disagree with Mrs. Hull is not what is important here. It is important for Mrs. Hull to leave Maricopa County and speak to us. If she does not, and has Eddie Basha speaking for her in television ads, she and her advisers may be in for a surprise in November.

Harold "Ted" Alward

From Prescott, I want to congratulate you on finally providing a glimpse of this person who acts like a governor but carries water for the special interests and the plutocrats in Maricopa County. I can only hope that other journalists possess the cojones to expose this farce. Maybe, just maybe, there will be time for the public to realize that the far better alternative is running in the minority party, and his election would make us a much prouder and hopeful state.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike realize that Mrs. Hull does not need rural Arizona, and she has acted like that for the short time she has served as governor.

Name withheld by request

Thank you so much for a clear column about our current governor. Politics in this state, being as annoying as possible, seem not to be receiving the kind of news coverage we should expect. I see Hull doing this "incumbent coast," wordless and effortless--like it should be so easy for her. I sure hope that New Times is able to get wider coverage on how absurd this is. Are the people of Arizona so deeply shallow that we will accept this aged woman riding into office without a finger lifted? No public debates, no controversy, just give her the reins based on the record of the few measly months she's spent coasting out Fife's term? I really think people should wake up and demand to see their governor really want this seat as our state's highest elected official.

What are her views on the prickly issues? I have never heard or seen Governor Hull really be a leader and take strong stands on any issues. I don't trust her leadership, and the people of Arizona had better wake up or we will be electing a fine puppet to act on behalf of her "handlers" and our not-so-wise state Legislature.

One last reflection: Why is it that we cannot get any substantive reporting from the Arizona Republic? I have heard that the paper is owned by the amazing Quayle family. This would be a scary reason as to why we get a surely slanted view of politics in our state and absolutely no real issue reporting.

Name withheld by request

Regarding your column "Silent Running," I doubt that Jane D. Hull is going to stand before the Arizona public and say, "I'm for special interests. Always have been, always will be. I'm a good ol' boy from way back."

However, if the public would just take the time to check out her past voting record, they will find out that Granny Hull has voted with the pack to give industry, agribusiness and mining everything they have desired.

Don't ever forget that Burton Barr was Gran Hull's hero.
Eleanor Stahl

The Odds Must Be Crazy
Excellent story on the lottery (Wonk, Amy Silverman, October 1). Can't help but wonder, given the governor's position on the matter, and Mr. Gonsher's expressed desire to continue in the governor's employ, if the Pick3 fiasco was allowed to continue even after the glitch was discovered.

I work for GTECH, the on-line lottery vendor. Under ASL supervision, our personnel tested our portion of Pick3 for more than a month. Surely the vendor of the random-number generator program had similar testing reqirements.

Why wasn't a 10 percent error discovered during testing? Why was no one, such as Mr. Gonsher, fired? Is this the way Mrs. Hull addresses all "screw-ups" that come to her attention, or only the "screw-ups" that go as scripted?

Name withheld by request

The Ugly American Food Critic
It has always been a dream of mine to pretend to be in the Third World, without having to actually go there. But I've continually been put off by things like the unanimous poverty, rampant and crippling disease, general overwhelming despair and the wretched lack of quality restaurants.

Thanks to your "Best of Phoenix" supplement this year (September 24), I now know of the infamous Cafe Lalibela!

I am certain that the food is fascinating and luscious, the decor warm and enriching. Particularly interesting is that empty space on the wall where the proud proprietors should hang your printed public apology, instead of your degrading, backhanded, pissant little award.

Shawn James

Chang Gang
Bravo, Howard!
Thank you for pointing out the emperor's new clothes (Second Helpings, Howard Seftel, October 1). I also tried P.F. Chang's, and thought to myself "why, this is just expensive bad Chinese food." I was underwhelmed, and astonished at the line of people waiting for my table.

I didn't want to say anything. Hey, what do I know? People have never lined up at any place I was involved in, so it just sounds like sour grapes.

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