Thanks, from all the folks who believe that looking good is just not good enough. When you are a restaurant, it should ultimately be the food that you are judged by!

Name withheld by request

Hey, Howard, always enjoy your column, but must admit, I do get a little annoyed when you're "on assignment" and don't even tease us with a Second Helpings section. But have to agree, P.F. Chang's is definitely for the masses, but Paul Fleming is laughing all the way to the bank. Can't wait until more of the Asian restaurants open at the Chinese Cultural Center near 99 Ranch Market.

Thanks again for all your interesting and enjoyable reviews. Here's hoping the new openings this fall will continue where Restaurant Hapa has gone so far.

Name withheld by request

Fight Fan
Excellent work. Not too many people around here follow, or even like, boxing ("Raw Shark," Barry Graham, October 1). It is to me the purest form of competition I have never known, and will exist forever. Hopefully, your interest will also give Carlos Tarin a boost, and perhaps Larry Pirtle, as well. I guess Michael Carbajal was probably the best boxer from Arizona, ever, but I liked Zora Folley and particularly Jimmie Martinez, who were probably both long before your time.

Anyhow, keep up the good work; you obviously understand the sport. Please pass on to Doug Hoeschler that his work is excellent as well. I am a professional photographer, and although, as director of a small state agency, I do not have much time to devote to the craft, I really appreciate good work.

George Mehnert

Grid Expectations
That was a wonderful article in the September 17 New Times about ASU football ("The Selling of ASU Football," John Dougherty).

There wasn't much I could argue with. We had season tickets for years in a very good area up under cover, but the seats have so little leg room and the noise level was unbearable. I wore ear plugs for protection. And since then they have "improved" the sound system, which undoubtedly means it can crank out more decibels.

I get joy out of reading about ASU's financial problems. Sell more ads is the ultimate answer to the problem and "stick it" to the ticket-buying public.

My wife and I graduated from Ohio State University, so we are used to a different style of marching band. What traditions does the ASU marching band have to flaunt? But I shouldn't be nasty. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Warren Wesler

It's been years since I last read New Times, but while I was waiting at a restaurant tonight, the cover story about Sun Devil football caught my attention.

I read your very revealing article and thought that it was a very good piece. The research for comparison was excellent. You did a terrific job.

By the way, I am an ASU alum and I am glad that you were able to educate the public on that matter.

H. Chong

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