Tax Rebels With a Cause

As of late August, Arizonans for Fair Tax Reform had raised $237,000. Donations have been whopping: investor William Dunn, $50,000; Jeffrey Singer, $25,000; Gordon Cain, CEO of Petro-Chemical, $25,000; Arizona Wholesale Supply Company, $25,000; Del Webb, $5,000; Londen Insurance CEO Jack Londen and his wife, former Arizona Republican party chair Dodie, $11,000.

The Londens aren't the only politicos who've jumped on board. Attorney General Grant Woods serves as the campaign's honorary co-chair, alongside Salmon and Stump. Sam Vagenas, Mahoney's deputy secretary of state, is campaign coordinator. Maricopa County Republican chair Dave Crete and perennial Phoenix City Council candidate Ron Gawlitta are on the steering committee.

Backing from such a broad cross-section of Arizona political activists makes the movement for Prop. 202 a different kind of tax protest. In the past, tax rebels have remained outside extremists who seldom achieve success. But every once in a while, some anti-tax zealots manage to capture the mainstream imagination. Remember the Boston Tea Party?

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