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Mother of infants arrested on abuse charges; Avondale police conspicuously absent from news conference

Baby Anthony, however, is deaf and blind, and in a vegetative state. All of his injuries, prosecutors will argue in court, came at the hands of Elizabeth Whittle. She is charged with 10 counts of inflicting child abuse, and three counts of failing to protect her babies from harm and also failing to get medical treatment for them.

Romley, by the way, said his greatest concern after publication of the New Times story was that Whittle might leave town after she read it.

"If anything," he said, "when I heard this reporter was doing the story, I did everything in my power to go before the grand jury before the story [was published]."

Jesting, Romley continued, "When that did not work, I tried to threaten them, but that did not work either."

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