Once in office, Proposition 200-backed candidates would be far more likely to be interested in serving the voters whose votes put them in office rather than having to play to the checkbooks that bought their television ads. They would likely remember that we're not electing candidates as a reward for witty and effective campaigns but rather to go to work for us.

Perhaps we'll again see the day when our votes count.
Jay Edmiston

Smart Bomb
"No, No, Janet" (October 29) was vintage Michael Lacey. It was a great column not because it was on target--and who cares, so long as she's not this state's AG--but because Lacey is sly enough to make the reader pay attention. Reading is work, and why not make it fun? Take, for example: "Instead of confronting the evil within her grasp, Napolitano has run for the office of attorney general by boldly opposing telemarketing fraud, therein drawing a clear line between herself and those public officials who support telemarketing fraud." This is so good it makes me sick . . . laughing!

Jeff Franklin
Cave Creek

Johnny Off the Spot
Open letter to Senator McCain--stop campaigning for the presidency (Flashes, October 29) and campaign for Senator Russell Feingold in Wisconsin. The Republican right wing, which you represent, is viciously attacking the Wisconsin senator; and even for campaign reform, which you supposedly support also. Why not be bipartisan and honest once in your life and stand for issues like campaign disclosure and anti-tobacco legislation, which have been a smoke screen of your presidential campaign? Use your beer money to sober up people about real issues now. Too bad the Arizona Democrats don't have the guts to stand up to you with a real candidate to take your place in the Senate.

Eugene W. Rueckoldt

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