For Pete's Sake

Multitalented Pete Forbes finally assembles a live band to promote his debut CD

"Obviously, my main focus is my own record and getting my own group out live," he says. "But I kinda like keeping busy. I figure if you diversify and do some different things, that's good. At some point, I may have to make a decision. It depends on the opportunities that come up. If things pick up with the record, and I get more opportunities to play or a deal comes down the line, certainly that's what I'll do."

Such opportunities depend on the willingness of record execs to trust that talent will find an audience. It's an iffy proposition in an era when the biz is suffused with self-doubt and silent hysteria. For Forbes, solace comes in the pride he feels over his hard-earned album.

"I find myself really clinging to the artists that I like to listen to and buy," he says. "To me, they're all independent artists. Look at Scott Miller of the Loud Family. I really feel like those are the people I look to when I feel down, 'cause I think the kind of music I'm doing doesn't really fall into the mainstream.

"That was sort of the idea behind the title of the record, The Gulf Between. I liked the title, but I don't quite know what it meant till later, and now I realize that I feel like myself and other people in the industry fall into that gulf between this mainstream overexposure on the one side and underexposure on the other. And there's something in the middle that never gets recognized."

Flour Children: Candy-popsters the Pastry Heros spent months putting together a lineup that could translate the group's excellent Horn Rim Fury E.P. to a live setting. It's a sad irony for the local music scene that just as the band's lineup came together, founding members Adam and Catherine learned that they'd be moving to Chicago, where Catherine's job is taking her. So when the Pastry Heros played a belated CD-release show at Hollywood Alley on November 19, it also marked something of a first farewell to the Valley.

The imminent departure of the band's leaders was made more painful by the sublime nature of the Hollywood Alley show, in which the group gently rocked out the Ivy-meets-Cardigans lilt of its breezy material. Adam and Catherine will remain in town long enough to play a few more Pastry Heros gigs, including one this Friday, November 27, at Minder Binder's in Tempe, along with Pollen and Vic Masters.

Steal Away: Hollywood Alley's Desert Trash Blast 2 on November 13 and 14 was an appropriately raunchy two-day dose of no-nonsense punk, but it was not without its casualties. After the Beat Angels' Friday night show, someone walked off with guitarist Michael Brooks' cherry red Gibson Les Paul, sans case. It was an odd sour note for a festival that was generally so successful that plans are afoot to move it to a slightly larger venue (possibly outside at Boston's) next year.

--Gilbert Garcia

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