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Movin' On Up
I just wanted to let you know that I am a Sunnyslope resident, and proud of it. In fact, on my window is a decal stating: "Sunnyslope pride, I've got it" ("Night in the City," Brian Smith, December 3).

Eleven years ago, my husband and I bought a house in the Sunnyslope area (15th and Northern avenues) and have watched our home value increase. We totally support this area, by shopping in local stores, sending our children to public schools, by picking our doctors and dentist and hospital (John C. Lincoln) in this vicinity. We have a very active block watch in our neighborhood, bordering 19th to Seventh Avenue, Dunlap down to Northern.

When I tell people where I live, they always comment what a great area that is. True, there are parts that are not so great, but in Phoenix generally, this is true; some parts are good and some parts not so good.

But in the 11 years I have lived here, I have seen big improvements in a lot of properties that are north of Dunlap, between Seventh Avenue and Seventh Street. Sunnyslope has a very active community center, and the Sunnyslope Village Alliance. This part of the Valley has a great history, and if you look around, the houses are all unique and individual. No cookie-cutter, all-look-the-same houses. In our square mile, we are very proud of being part of Sunnyslope.


Toxic Town
I lived 18 years in the Hayden/Winkelman area, and in the early Eighties I also worked in the mines ("Unpleasantville," Chris Farnsworth, December 3). My mother still lives in Winkelman, and I visit her often, and there are many times at night when there is a foglike smoke in town that you can taste and smell. I went to school with some of the people mentioned in this article, and I do believe what they say is true.

I have a brother-in-law who at this moment is dying of a kidney ailment, and he worked for ASARCO for 40 years. I also have a sister who is currently working at ASARCO, and she suffers from migraine headaches and nausea which she developed in the past eight years.

I would like to say as a longtime reader of New Times that I'm pleased that this paper has the guts to print what the Arizona Republic and Tribune refuse to. Others, like state Senator Peter Rios from Hayden, refuse to acknowledge this matter but who know very well what is going on. Some of his own relatives who were longtime residents have died of cancer. Thank you for this article.

Al Marin
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Doug, Alas
I never thought I'd be writing to you again so soon, but I just have to tip my hat and give thanks to all those involved in telling the "Remembering Doug Hopkins, five years late" article ("Life After Death," Bob Mehr, December 3).

I am very involved in the Tempe music scene--and Mehr did a topnotch job of piecing together the information gathered, and putting it out in a relevant way for so many of us. Once again, thank you.

Teeka Lynne

Now, I would like to give you my opinion on the most famous of the fab, I mean the ex-Gin Blossoms. Yes, Doug, the abuser and loser, Hopkins. Just another one of many being immortalized for taking his or her own life by means of bullet, drugs, alcohol abuse or all three. The story gets longer and worse every year. And all those heartfelt stories told by the onetime bandmates and friends just make me want to cry. Sounds to me more like, hey, good opportunity to jump on the old beaten-horse bandwagon and get some free press; after all, some press is better than no press!

Doug Hopkins was a "Miserable Experience" alcoholic who had an opportunity of a lifetime knock on his door and he fucked it up, couldn't cope with the real world, so he ended up with a BANG! Sorry, no sympathy here.

Now that poor bastard Brian Blush needs to get a life. Doug is dead, he blew his cool head off! If your life is so meaningless without Doug, just go downtown Mill and find yourself another alcoholic guitar player so that your world can become cool again! I'll pray for you that your next idol lives longer than the last.

Steven Sprague

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