Laughter, friends and lots of beer make the current state of humanity almost bearable. Almost. Thanks for the "devilishly fun" interlude.

David C. Brainerd

I laughed in spite of myself when I saw your crazy page of "conspiratorial" celebrities, but I still can't stand your making fun of the death of Ruby the Elephant. (Or the cat-killings.)

Ruby with her paintings brought great joy to so many people, and she died a painful and tragic death. She was one of the truly special things about the Valley of the Sun. Now she's gone, and her baby died, too. That's not funny, and anyone who thinks it is is sick. Have your fun without dragging Ruby into it!

C.C. Hanson
via Internet

Editor's note: Should we take this as a green light to continue having fun with Don Bolles?

Same Old Youngtown
Please do not publish my name for fear that my parents, who live in Youngtown, may be the recipients of retaliation. I read your story on the Lindseys ("Scourge of Youngtown," T.G. Sterling, December 24), and there but for the grace of God go my parents. A lot of the residents of Youngtown are on fixed incomes and social security. I really feel for Al and Letha.

This situation is nothing short of criminal, and it's the government and its agents of Youngtown that are committing the crime! What is this all coming to? Couldn't the police officer and the town officials just cut this poor fellow some slack? This really is another black mark against the town. These sound like Gestapo tactics to me! When it comes time for me to retire, I'll look elsewhere, thank you.

Name withheld by request

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