House of Pain

Bldg 5 benefit for Autumn House inspired by tragedy that hit close to home

Page's crew will follow the Les Payne boys to San Diego and Los Angeles for scheduled shows--stopping along the way to capture them cavorting in the Yuma desert. But if you want to be a part of the cinematic process, be advised that the group's Thursday, January 28, show at Boston's in Tempe will also be filmed.

Arts Modified: Stinkweeds owner Kimber Lanning is opening up a space for music and art at Fourth Street and Roosevelt, at the site of the old Metropophobobia. The new space, which will be known as Modified, could fill several local voids at once, by offering a place where music, dance and the fine arts can co-exist. Its most practical function will be to allow Lanning to take indie-rock shows that she would ordinarily have to squeeze into her record store, and move them into a more comfortable space where people can sit down and drink coffee.

"The majority of the touring bands that I've been hosting at Stinkweeds will go there," she says. "I can handle more there, plus I can do local bands there, and I can be a little bit more diverse. Here [at Stinkweeds], I probably wouldn't touch an acoustic, folky type thing, whereas there I'd be able to pull it off."

Lanning is renovating the space in anticipation of its Wednesday, February 3, opening. The space will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays, and in addition to music and art will offer movie nights and offbeat experiments like bingo nights. Lanning's hope is that Modified's monthly art openings can simultaneously reach the young crowd, which is enthusiastic but generally doesn't spend on art, and the older art-buying constituency.

"I know I can have it taken seriously on a music level, but having it taken seriously on an art level is my challenge," she says of the new space. "My idea is that we'll have live classical music and wine on the first Friday of the month and try to attract the more serious Scottsdale-type art people; and then the first Saturday of the month we'll have DJs and attract a much younger crowd. That way we'll have two completely different crowds, and I won't be alienating any particular group."

Crash Landing: Promising guitar-pop band Crashbar has broken up, but the loss is mitigated mightily by the fact that founding members Adrian Smith and Sean Gens are mutating back into their previous band, Sugar High.

Gens says that after guitarist/vocalist Brett Hinders left Crashbar, the group was divided over the pop direction he and Smith wanted to pursue and the harder rocking approach favored by the rest of the band. The problem came to a head when Smith and Gens suggested resurrecting some old Sugar High songs, which the other two members resisted.

After a February reunion show with the original Sugar High lineup, Pat McQuigley will switch from his old role of guitar to bass, and his guitar slot will be taken by Jason Garcia, formerly of The Sport Model. Garcia's former band, one of the best practitioners of power pop in the Valley, crumbled when it was dropped by its label, the locally based Pavement Music, which the band members discovered only when label reps stopped returning their phone calls.

--Gilbert Garcia

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