Glam Fab

From glam rock to Sheetrock: Angela Bowie's long, strange odyssey to Tucson

And if the southern Arizona city doesn't immediately spring to mind as the best place from which to crash into show business? Well, no one's ever accused Angela Bowie of taking the conventional route.

"I hate L.A.," sneers Bowie, who's just returned from a trip to that city where she visited her 18-year-old daughter by musician Drew Blood. "I'm okay if I'm just visiting, but if I have to work there with all those other tired vaudeville circus performers . . ."

Seized by another thought, Bowie interrupts herself. "One of the greatest things I learned in boarding school is detention. If you did something really bad, Saturday afternoon when everyone got to go out, you sat in the [nurse's office] from 1:15 until 6 o'clock.

"That's what being in Tucson is like," continues Bowie. "You know you've done something wrong and you know you need to think about it."

So when is 6 o'clock? Smiling mysteriously, Angela Bowie prepares to take her leave. "I'll know."

Walking out of the restaurant courtyard, the Cadillac of Glam gets into her dusty Camry, then poodles down the road.

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