For Reasons Unknown

Dana Wells' family and friends believe his death was no accident. The truth might have died with him.

Cavalera believes her son drove into a trap. She thinks Thomas and Graci had been set up by Gibbons, who waited for them at Bob's Market with his cousin, not Eli Miller. There was a confrontation in the parking lot, during which Dana grabbed one of the beers behind his seat to arm himself.

For whatever reason, Cavalera says--perhaps because he believed the other guys had a gun--her son took off, turned a fast right on Cactus, and floored it. Gibbons and his cousin gave chase, and purposefully or accidentally caused Wells to crash.

That's her theory.
It's just one of many that fit the known facts.
Here's another: Wells decided to give Thomas and Graci a ride home, and simply forgot to lock the front door. As he was exiting his neighborhood, he accidentally cut off Gibbons' car, or vice versa. Harsh words and middle fingers were exchanged between parties in both cars, and a gun was pulled. Wells took off down Cactus, and died a few seconds later.

Here's one more: Wells knew more about the danger Thomas and Graci were in than his friends and family would like to believe. He knew they were heading for trouble at Bob's Market, and that's why he had the beer in his pocket.

"Dana would never start a fight," says Corona. "But if you were his friend, he'd back you up, big-time, anytime."

There's no end to plausible scenarios of how and why Dana Wells died.
No end, unless Thomas, Graci, Gibbons or Miller is lying and decides to tell the truth, or a new witness to the accident comes forth.

Detective Ripley says he needs more than rumors to reactivate a police investigation.

"One of the players would have to come clean, or someone who was actually there would have to step forward and say, 'This is what happened,'" he says.

Frank Powers says he will question Thomas and Graci under oath sometime next month, in depositions for the wrongful-death suit against them.

"I think we know with reasonable certainty the general circumstances surrounding Dana's death," says the lawyer. "Unfortunately, the only people with firsthand knowledge of those circumstances are dead, claiming amnesia, or lying."

Cavalera admits the purpose of the lawsuit is to crank up the pressure and hope the truth pops out.

"I want to know how he died, and I want to know why," she says. "I want to know if he was angry or scared as he was driving down the road. I want to know if he was screaming or silent. I just want to know."

Max Cavalera's new band, Soulfly, released its first album last year. The art inside the CD shows a picture of Dana Wells standing in front of a roller coaster, and this inscription:

"'Bleed' and 'First Commandment' are dedicated to the people involved in the murder of Dana Wells and the cover-up of his death. You know who you are. Justice is coming."

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A friend forwarded me this.... Gloria Cavalera

November 29, 2014 at 11:22am · Edited ·

18 years ago, I had a loving son who was chased like a dog and run off the road by gang members and high school wanna-be's hoodies who had never met him. He was killed. The detective on the scene changed the police report and 5 DA's since then have concealed his death. They chose to let the gang STILL walk the streets in our neighborhood. They allowed them to become sell drugs here, to murder and get away with it. 18 years later, these people are now heroin dealers. Do you know how many kids got popped for a joint in that time, in those 18 long years? Are the cartel paying off the cops? Do you think the police don't know they are here, right under our noses? Is this right? I solved the case with one other young woman. I wore a Halloween Cleopatra wig to cover my green hair, and went in the gang areas. I stood next to them as they fired their guns in the air. I did not call for protests. I did not call for marches that would definitely cause looting and violence. I did not encourage violence to cure violence. I asked for help from every law enforcement agency there was. I was turned away by save the detective's reputation. I am fighting still to this day to inform people. It is wrong that in Ferguson people use Michael Brown's death to act like criminals who should be in jail. There is a right way and wrong way. I am sorry to say. Gloria Cavalera is nothing but a storyteller and a psycho - pathological liar. Enough is enough. I am not going to be silent any longer. Unfortunately, Dana Wells was the one who pulled a gun on me and my passenger Elijah Miller. Dana Wells was the aggressor. Dana Wells gave chase and chased my passenger Elijah Miller. He will vouch to what happened on August 16th, 1996.. Dana Wells caught up to us and threw an object. Not sure what the object was, but it was loud. Moments after Dana Wells tossing the object. He started fishtailing and eventually lost control causing his death. Elijah Miller and I escaped with our lives. It is unfortunate that Dana Wells was killed. I or Elijah Miller have never been members or actively involved in gangs!. Elijah and I have never sold drugs. Contrary to whatever New Times says. I was never asked by David Holthouse for an interview. Elijah Miller at the time of this article was under age. Not even 18 yet..Gloria Cavalera sued Liberty Mutual which was my auto insurance company.. They offered her 100 thousand dollars. It was pure business on their part because it was cheaper to make all this go away rather than going to trial AND Gloria Cavalera signed off that I had no responsibilities towards her son's death. I have the documents stating the amount and the agreement in which Gloria Cavalera signed. Gloria Cavalera is nothing short of a liar and a story teller, and likes to put a major spin in the media. I strongly believe She concocted the story about gang bangers and murder so people actually feel bad for her and rather to face the shitstorm coming because she disbanded Sepultura. I'm still wondering why Iggor Cavalera did not speak to Max for 10 years and yet Iggor ramianed with Sepultura during that time. Also Dana Wells was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Don't believe it. Readers can find out from the Maricopa County's Coroner Office or documents from myself personally. Under Arizona law. That's considered driving under the influence. No matter how you slice and dice it. Its driving under the influence and no matter how you slice and dice it. The accident was purely 100% Dana Wells fault. Thank God the Phoenix Police and Detective Donald Ripley did their jobs and determined Dana Wells was at fault. The Phoenix Police department is not corrupt as Gloria Cavalera claims. Dana Wells was NOT murdered, was NOT chased, And definitely NOT ran off the road. He was the AGRESSOR, the one who pulled a gun on myself and Elijah Miller.. End of story. I have no problems providing proof. No problems providing my witness Elijah Miller. Who can vouch for himself in his own words. And We both never have been part of a gang or members of a street gang!


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