KASR-AM 1260 can appreciate real criticism, if we're not doing a good job, but merely trash-talking us for no apparent reason doesn't reflect very well on the professionalism of your publication. We exist, and we broadcast, and we more than fill the void--we do more than all the other stations combined.

Next time Thom Gabaldon decides to write an article about the Valley airwaves, he should do a little more research to find out what else is "right under our noses."

Benjamin Overbaugh, station manager
KASR radio

White Wash
Your article regarding Loi Nguyen ("Pride and Prejudice," Paul Rubin, February 4) is rather disturbing.

Many Asians, Vietnamese in particular, arrive in the United States with an aggressive, take-control attitude. There's a tendency to "push ahead" in stores and public places of entertainment.

It's quite natural today for young whites to resent the influx of foreign students, and their continuous lack of communication in English. There's already the feeling of "being ganged up on" by whites in relation to other minorities.

Why does Thunderbird give special consideration to any foreign student? Why the innuendo that expecting English to be learned/spoken is an act of malice on the part of whites?

Yes! This is the United States! But today expecting a nonwhite to be an American is almost an act of apology.

We lost 50,000-plus men in Vietnam, many of whom were white, many of whose sons and daughters could be in Thunderbird High School. Maybe the schools should consider this as part of "sensitivity training."

It's the foreigners who need to understand this, and the fact, right or wrong, the arrival of the Vietnamese is like looking the "enemy in the face."

Why is Gloria Ybarra of the Attorney General's Office not taking into consideration the attitudes of non-Asians? Is it because she's racist? And against whites? How can anyone be part of the Attorney General's Office with such allowable malice? Perhaps the white community needs to unite in demanding her ouster.

Incidentally, I've never seen an article suggesting racism when the aggressors are minority and the victims are white. Why is that? Is it because in today's "politically correct world" there are no "white victims"?

Kurtis C. Wolf

Take a Bowie
Regarding "Glam Fab" (Dewey Webb, January 28):
What a waste! Who gives a rat's ass? That article only told us that Angela Bowie is the world's biggest wanna-be. Who gives a damn? Is her only claim to fame a brief marriage to David Bowie? What a crock. Who cares? Surely you have more topics than this lame article!

Betty G. Perri

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