Car Talk

Jesus Chrysler Supercar prepares to take on the industry big boys at South by Southwest

"There's a lot of people who've been calling about SXSW," Steele says. "There's six labels that I've talked to this week that are coming out. That doesn't mean anything, but at least they'll be there."

He adds with a laugh, "There'll at least be six people who see us."
"Six secretaries," Collins responds.
All this SXSW talk has the boys a bit philosophical about the Valley music scene.

"Whether it's us or someone else," Collins says, "you just hope someone can get out of this town."

"Actually, I don't agree with that," Steele says, tongue firmly embedded in cheek. "I don't give a shit if anyone gets out of this town, except for me. I don't care. Because I'm too old. I don't care about anybody else's bills, I've got my own bills. I can't live at my mom's house too much longer."

Jimmy Move Units: As Jimmy Eat World tours the nation in support of its sophomore Capitol release, Clarity, the CD is already showing signs of lifting the band to a new echelon. The album debuted at number 30 on the Top New Artists album chart and number eight on the Alternative New Artist chart, while moving up to number five on CMJ's Radio 200 chart.

Clarity's single "Lucky Denver Mint" continues to be picked up by major rock stations. One of those, Boston's legendary WBCN, was scheduled to broadcast the band's March 14 show from the Middle East club, which was immortalized in the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' recent live album.

"Lucky Denver Mint" (along with the B-side "Seventeen") is also set to be included in Drew Barrymore's forthcoming coming-of-age film Never Been Kissed.

Austin Bound: Inevitably with SXSW, there are tons of indie bands stopping along the way to pick up as many gigs as they can. So, for those who can't make it to Austin, at least part of the Austin confab will be making it to Valley clubs over the next week or so. You can catch Gerald Collier at the Green Room on Thursday, March 18; the ultra-rocking Street Walkin' Cheetahs at the Green Room on Monday, March 22; and Hellworms (with Haggis) at Hollywood Alley in Mesa on Friday, March 26.

Going Solo: If Alanis Morissette's grocery list of therapy-speak cliches doesn't tickle your fancy, and you're looking for a preferable live-music option on Sunday, March 21, the Green Room is offering a collection of local singer-songwriters in rare solo, acoustic form. Confirmed for the show are John Hoffmann, Chris Mitchell, Larry Hicks, The Giant Leprechaun, Corbett Upton and Mad At 'Em's Kim Smith, with unnamed mystery guests (not Alanis) expected to tune up, turn on, and unplug.

--Gilbert Garcia

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