I Want My MP3!

Wondermeat's Will Nerini and Eric Long have seen the future of Phoenix rock, and it's downloadable

Nerini: "It would be a good thing for artists to put out a song when the muse strikes them to produce. They Might Be Giants are selling music exclusively on the Net. They went away for a long time and came back with an album I like. It's gonna be harder for the consumer in some ways, because they're going to have to keep track of their artists."

4. MP3 vs. Social Interacting: What good is sitting alone in your room, come hear the music play, eh? Will even that become a thing of the past? Already you've got a whole generation that isn't accustomed to going out and watching a live band on a regular basis because of MTV, and the generation after that isn't even choosing music as a vocation since MTV doesn't play videos on a reliable basis anymore. Buses run in Phoenix more often.

Long: "Children 11 years old and up, as opposed to my generation that spent time in video arcades or watching TV, they spend their time on the Net, play games, do their homework, talk to friends, it's already becoming part of the socialization. Eventually it will become habit to have a party one night a week and look around for what to watch.

"As the technology develops, it's going to become more interactive, more sensory pleasurable. Bigger screens, better sound. Eventually, they might find some way to electrically ionize the air so you can smell the African Serengeti, know what I'm saying? Who's to say that instead of going to a bar 10 years from now, we won't instead go to my house and watch the wall screen, and watch a Stones concert from '78 that has been remastered and has all the smells of a rock concert, with 3D holograms that you can interact with, for all we know."

Smell-o-vision lives! As for Nerini, the Net is already a form of his immediate social interaction. On the night we got together for this interview at the Church, a half dozen of his friends sat huddled in front of his overworked computer and watched the new Star Wars movie trailer the day before it reached the theaters. But alas, without the benefit of smelling eau de Yoda.

Wondermeat will be doing a live broadcast on Friday, April 23, from 6 to 9 p.m., with several bands performing. Log on at www.wondermeat.com

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