Arm the Homeless does not care if one of their free gun recipients later shoots it out over a pack of cigarettes, over a favorite street corner to ask for handouts, or simply over a place to sleep on a cold night. They don't care if the homeless walk the streets of downtown Phoenix and pull a gun on someone just because they looked at them differently. Arm the Homeless does not care, because they are on their own covert mission.

To law-abiding, gun-owning citizens, and to law-abiding non-gun-owning citizens, they, and "freedom fighters" like them, (whom I seriously question the validity of), are demonstrating that they are more of an enemy to the public than the United States government ever will be. I don't fear our government; I fear radical subversive groups like Arm the Homeless. The government will not take our rights away. Instead, unorthodox groups like Arm the Homeless are giving our rights away, little by little, by creating a negative focus to such issues as the "right to keep and bear arms."

The article said Arm the Homeless purchased their guns legally at gun shows via "cash and carry." That's just great. That's exactly what the anti-gunners and the public want to hear. I'll bet they are proud of themselves for further infecting the system and creating more controversy that is not needed.

Arm the Homeless and people like them will be the cornerstone of the anti-gun success in the United States of America, which, I believe, is the real mission of Arm the Homeless.

Name withheld by request

At best, this is the scariest article ever brought to my attention. Remind me never to visit Phoenix. Your city, which 'til now has been respectable, even with your state's insanely loose gun laws, has just fallen apart at the seams. Pass a damn ordinance. That's just insane.

Jim Long
Lansing, Michigan

I first read this and could not believe that anyone could be so stupid as to be giving guns to the homeless. Then I realized what day it was! You really had me going for a minute. Another great April Fool's article. It rates up there with gold in the Galleria and the Verde River Beatles Reunion Float-In.

Scott Christian
via Internet

I assume that this story is meant to coincide with the Feast of All Fools--it steers just close enough to the plausible to be fun. Couldn't be a plot by Symington to bring down property values in order to give him a leg up for a comeback, could it? And speaking of J. Fife, how's he doing these days?

David Ware
via Internet

I was more than disheartened when I read your article in reference to the giving away of firearms to homeless individuals. After numerous calls, I was led to believe that this may have been an April Fool's prank. If in fact it was a prank, it was a cruel, sinister prank on the homeless, whom I always thought your paper was an advocate for. This article will increase the prejudice toward the homeless ("Does he have a gun?"). I think you have outdone Benson. Why not pick on someone your own size?

If it was not a prank, we have a real serious problem here. Besides losing a reader, I have never felt like moving from the Valley of the Sun until today.

Name withheld by request

Great joke, you really got some people literally "up in arms." Happy Fool's Day.

David Petersen
via Internet

Inspired by your feature, we have named our new band E.R.A.C. and are putting together our latest album titled: "Arm the Homeless." Here's our list of songs:

1. Gimme That Bottle. No. BAM;
2. Marty's Pawn;
3. Are You a Cop in Trouble? (I Don't Wanna Be No Hero);
4. Don't Run a Red Light on My Block!;
5. Asshole. Bang!;
6. Packin' Phoenix Heat;
7. Hey Joe;
8. Tent City Tan;
9. Hey Buddy! Gimme Dat Dime!;
10. Second and Fillmore;
11. Two Bullet for a Bottle;
12. Full Moon Shoot-Out;
Bonus Track--13. ERAC Emergency Room Air Conditioning.
Mercedes Murphy

Regarding the article "Give Piece a Chance": Are you guys nuts? Now, it's going from, "Hey, man, got any spare change?" to "Your money or your life!"

There are so many things wrong with this stunt, I'd need my own column.
K.D. Stowe

This is your best-ever spoof. I hope you had a good turnout for your gun giveaway at America West Arena.

Carol McDowell
via Internet

Your April Fool's article on Arm the Homeless was brilliant. I laughed so hard that I was crying by the end. Unfortunately, I'm sure that you will get a flood of letters from the anti-gun crowd, which has absolutely no sense of humor. I only wish my local paper was courageous enough to print a spoof of such a controversial issue. A little humor is good for everyone.

Ed Hardway
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wow! The "Give Piece a Chance" story was a great April Fool's Day joke! It took me about 30 seconds of reading it before I caught on.

J. Krist
via Internet

To say I was dumfounded by the prospect of offering free guns to the homeless, no questions asked, would be a major understatement. I support the Second Amendment, but not at the expense of public safety and common sense. Here is one individual who hopes like hell that this was an April Fool's joke.

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