Name withheld by request

This is a joke, right? I am a self-professed gun lover, but I think this is going a little too far. So, when are the shootings going to begin? Manny will be held accountable. By the way, where can I get one of those tee shirts?

Ron Bloom
via Internet

I think arming the homeless is the most absurd thing I've ever heard of! This is going to cause complete chaos. Instead of spending money to supply them with weapons, why aren't people helping provide the homeless with shelters? This way, they wouldn't need weapons, and they would be off the street!

K. Porter

What a stupid idea! What is the purpose of giving guns to the homeless? Oh, wait, I get it, now they can rob the rich and give to the poor! What an idea! Or maybe they can better themselves by shooting at mattresses, cans or even people. Are these homeless people qualified to carry firearms--concealed or otherwise? Did they pass the concealed-weapons class? Did they get fingerprinted with a background check? Or are they better than the rest of the public? Since they are willing to learn about firearms, maybe they should be able to learn how to earn a living the honest way, not by begging on the street corners! The time and energy that is spent handing out firearms and ammunition should be redirected to building a facility for the homeless to consider home. Then they can get honest jobs to get their lives back together!

Firearms for the homeless. What a crock! Okay, the Arm the Homeless members did their homework; they notified all the pawnbrokers in the Valley not to purchase any firearms from the homeless. What is stopping them from selling the arms to gang members or children? Duh? They really thought this through--not!

Billy Williams
via Internet

I hope this is a joke. They keep telling us that the homeless are people who cannot take care of themselves because they have mental problems, drug addiction, they are social misfits, Vietnam vets--real or pretend, etc. And then to provide them with weapons with no strings attached (no address, no CCW, background check)? Since a lot of the cities are suing the gun manufacturers for crimes committed with guns they produced, sold, and that are completely out of their control, is the Arm the Homeless group going to assume responsibility for any crimes, accidents, etc., the homeless commit? I think they should be required to post a bond ($1 million minimum) for each weapon/gun they provide to anyone, homeless or not.

Are there any checks and balances built into this program? Is anyone checking to see if the guns are still in the hands of the ones they were given to? It seems to me that this is putting unregistered guns from who knows where on the streets that can be sold to criminals, drug dealers or anyone else who wants an unregistered gun for whatever reason. I sure hope that this does not catch on and that someone puts a stop to it.

Name withheld by request

You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to scare people in your city. If I am a United States Constitution fanatic, it is because I don't want my wife, children and myself to become food for a criminal predator or a slave.

John H. Sircy
Goodwell, Oklahoma

As if your story about the gun giveaway to homeless people wasn't frightening enough, the boldly printed paragraph at the end practically blew me away (no pun intended). It seems New Times is putting its stamp of approval on its readers participating in round two (okay, pun intended this time) of this insanity.

Maybe now the City of Phoenix will be granted its fondest wish. No more panhandling! It will be replaced with armed robbery!

Jenny Santesteban

As you may surmise by my previous letter, you really had me going there. It only took me one day to realize that it was all a huge joke. I want to thank you for this, as I was so worried that that story was actually true, and my April Fool's Day was so nondescript.

Jenny Santesteban

It seems to me we now have a new criminal organization here in Phoenix, the homeless! This group, Arm the Homeless, has just created a new criminal class under the guise of protecting the homeless. I recognize two of the "new" gun owners in your article. Both of them turned violent toward me when I refused to give them money. Now it looks like I will be forced to donate to their cause the next time. Well, at least when the police find my body, they will have no problem spotting the getaway cart. Arm the Homeless, a new godfather, has come to power in Phoenix! What possible insanity could grip this man? Possibly he couldn't afford to recruit and pay professional criminals to do his criminal work? Or is this group's next project to arm the citizens to protect them from gun-toting homeless? This has to be stopped now!

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