Language Arts
I would first like to add our commendations for "Bilingual Blues" (March 18) to those you have already received. Michael Kiefer's article was unusually in-depth and informative. However, I couldn't help but smile as I read Ron Unz's letter in response. What a stretch it must have been for someone who communicates in sound bites and cliches on this subject to have complimented the thoroughness and unbiased nature of your reportage. Of course, such a letter was very politic. Was I the only one who got the significance of his comment to Lisa Graham Keegan, "Lisa, you'll get re-elected," as quoted in your article? This is a man who only wants what is best for the children? Perhaps his initiative drive should be renamed "Children As Stepping Stones for Ron Unz's Political Aspirations," first in California, next in Arizona, then in the rest of the Southwest and, ultimately, who knows, if his money lasts?

Dorelyn A. Kunkel
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Life of a Brain
". . . and a delicate crap plops forth."
Amen. If there's a more accurate description of Brian Smith's writing (and music, for that matter), I've not yet seen it. Smith's opus on dog racing ("Prix Dog Night," April 1) is yet another in a long line of insipid turds. Quite frankly, I don't think it's worth giving up one page of ad space to publish this dung.

C.D. Connelly
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Case for the Showcase
In response to the writer of the letter titled "Right Punks" (Letters, April 1):

Melanie needs to take a few things into consideration before spouting off. First of all, who would be the perfect person to nominate bands? You? Some will be left off the ballot unless you plan on including all of the 100-plus decent punk bands in the Phoenix scene. Of course everyone has his favorites; you listed seven of your own in your letter. Unbiased selection is next to impossible. Notice how none of the bands wrote in to complain? Most true punk bands aren't looking for widespread recognition, they're doing it to do it. Most punks I know could give two shits about being nominated for the New Times Showcase. They're not losing any sleep over it. Suggestion: Start your own mag and you can hold your own showcase. Then I can write and bitch about you leaving my band off.

Where can I get my Arm the Homeless tee shirt? Hee-hee.
Fred Jones

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