Terry Connett
via Internet

What a great article. I can't believe that you pulled such a great prank. I can't wait until next April 1.

N. MacKenzie
via Internet

It is truly amazing how gullible people are. I caught on to the story right away, being that it was April 1 (although there was a tiny glimmer of doubt). Nonetheless, I think the story was a riot--how truly funny. And the letters and responses were just as funny.

Sonja Perez
San Jose, California

A friend of mine sent the article and the follow-up info. So, 15 percent of Phoenix residents don't have any common sense and believed that the homeless were getting guns. Does this mean that the printed word really does have a subconscious control that makes us believe everything we read? Or maybe we were so busy we forgot what day it was! This demands a mom saying, "That's only funny until someone gets hurt."

Name withheld by request

The most frightening thing about the Arm the Homeless article is that it is actually plausible in our society. Tasteless prank or statement on society? You be the judge.

David Woodward

I haven't laughed so hard in ages! Your follow-up on the April Fool's story ("Disarm the Clueless," April 8) just cracked me up! Especially the interview Q&A between 60 Minutes II producer Klein and Whippit--"We give special preference to mothers with children . . ." The Onion has nothing on you (even if this was just a once-a-year gig).

Melissa Findley
Chicago, Illinois

Congratulations, New Times, for what could be the greatest mass April Fool's joke ever! What a cleverly crafted idea. The whole city was in a buzz. In a word, remarkable. I only have one question: How much are tee shirts? I would gladly buy one, and I am sure that others are asking the same. Please tell me that you have a few stashed away.

Ross Howden

You folks are brilliant. Thanks for having a good laugh at CBS's expense. Reading your follow-up story to the great hoax, I laughed so hard, I had to take a potty break. Bravo!

Andrew Lynch
via Internet

Congratulations on your Arm the Homeless piece. Does the phrase "They'll swallow anything" ring a bell? I think you picked the right subject, the fixation of the Arizona citizenry with handguns. With that in mind, the story was plausible, yet it read like Zap Comixs meets Rage Against the Machine.

Arm the Homeless was also a great illustration how the mainstream media (like CNN) can manipulate public opinion, like in the case of corporate imperialism (The IMF, The World Bank) a.k.a. "Allied Force" in Kosovo.

Thanks for the media "wake-up call." The truth is out there!
David C. Brainerd

Ouch! Boy, did my ego take a severe beating when I found out that the story on the Arm the Homeless movement was an April Fool's hoax! It seems I was one of the idiots who fell for it hook, line and sinker. Despite many obvious points to the contrary (Inda House?), I totally believed it. All of it.

Thank you, New Times, for teaching us the folly of relying on the media and not bothering to seek the truth ourselves. What else can I say--you got me!

Jon Krieger

Absolutely great gag. Wish I'd thought of it.
Dave Warner
via Internet

The article about Arm the Homeless, which was written as a joke for April Fool's, seems to me to make you a fool. Happy April. I feel cheated, as I cannot cancel a subscription to your paper.

I was, at first, sorry that I will not be reading New Times again. I have enjoyed many articles. Of course, I can't be sure they weren't lies or foolishness, too. On second thought, I'm sorry that I ever read your paper.

I implore you not to make homeless people the butt of future jokes. Avoid ridiculing crippled children, endangered animals and senior citizens as well. (Didn't your mother ever mention this to you?)

Name withheld by request

A Friend Lost
There is something that has been sorely lost within American society, and that is compassion and respect for life. Anyone who knew Dana Wells ("For Reasons Unknown," David Holthouse, February 11) personally knows that Dana never looked for trouble and would never start a confrontation.

I have driven past the corner where Dana lost his life many times, trying to figure out why and how this tragedy happened. You just do not take that corner at the speed he did for the hell of it.

I am very disgusted at how the police handled this case; it was with clear prejudice. I am also very disgusted with the bands and former friends who turned their backs on Gloria Cavalera and her family shortly after the death of Dana. What the hell were you people thinking? You all turned your backs on Gloria when this family needed time to pull together.

In addition, I am so very disgusted with the two survivors who were in the car that night. Your friend died and you capitalized off of his death! Could you not have even sent Gloria a card? Flowers? Could you not spare a buck for one rose? How dare you? The way you two handled yourselves obviously shows that there is more to speak of, and your present story lacks any credibility, not only to Arizona but also to the world. After all, your actions are all documented. I sincerely hope that there can be a change of heart, and you can "speak the truth."

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