Harm's Way

Arizona Music Forum finally reaches local musicians with its first local jam

Melendez reached an emotional crescendo with "Hensell" (named after "some punk in high school I couldn't stand"), a bitter love-gone-awry tale worthy of Sam Kinison. In fact, Melendez lifted a Kinison routine for his opening rap about a woman who relegated him to the friend zone: "Let me get this straight. Two or three times a month, I get to be your emotional tampon?"

The song's real moment of pathos, though, came from the soon-to-be-classic chorus: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my God, you suck!" Melendez bellowed the lines with enough menace to make the members of Gwar pee in their pants.

After eight months together, Harm continues to struggle for gigs. But, in a way, it epitomized the jam's objectives, because it took a sound that's a bit of a hard sell and successfully connected with an audience that rarely hears anything quite so twisted.

AZMF's next jam, which will lean more in a hip-hop/R&B direction, is set for May 26 at Bash on Ash. For Hale, the strong response to the first jam is an indication that the organization's agenda can work.

"Band members have been welcome, but they haven't seemed to turn out for the meetings and all, so it's nice to see them come together for the jam," she says. "This is networking, so it's only gonna grow by who you go out and invite. If everyone goes out and invites two people, then it's just gonna keep growing."

Angel Flying Too Close: Grievous Angels' gifted steel player Jon Rauhouse has long been an in-demand guest musician, and he'll soon be joining the Waco Brothers (Bloodshot labelmates with Grievous Angels) and Sally Timms on their national tour. Rauhouse is also featured on three tracks from the new Old 97's album, Fight Songs.

Manson on the Hill: Someone up there doesn't want Marilyn Manson to play in Phoenix. Less than two months after an injured ankle caused Manson to cancel a scheduled show at Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, Manson has postponed the last five dates of his tour, including a rescheduled Coliseum show set for May 7. Manson pinned the postponements on the tense climate created by the Littleton, Colorado, school tragedy and what he views as the scapegoating of his music in the wake of the murder spree.

Beats for Kosovo: Trance music icon Paul Oakenfold will join local electronica group Groove Tribe at Club Pompeii in Tempe, on Sunday, May 9, for a performance benefiting the Kosovo refugees. All profits will go to the Red Cross Kosovo Relief Fund. The event runs from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

--Gilbert Garcia

Contact Gilbert Garcia at his online address: ggarcia@newtimes.com

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