But it seems I'm anti-black, too, at least potentially. Why else would Kolbe have wondered whether New Times editors "would have allowed him to make similarly disparaging comments about Buca's inauthenticity had it been based in Washington, D.C., where lots of black people live?" This, Ms. Kolbe, is what you'd call a "straw dog," and what others would call a "straw man." I'd call it outrageous.

Finally, she notes that "we'll never be a real restaurant town without a real restaurant critic," which, presumably, I am not. I have no problem with readers debating my merits. But one thing is equally sure. We'll never be a real restaurant town as long as we have diners like Ms. Kolbe.

Beware, Capitalist Gun Nuts
I am writing to finalize this "Arm the Homeless" article y'all wrote ("Give Piece a Chance," April 1). This truly shows how naive, ignorant, and plain fucking stupid people are in Arizona.

To all those who write in saying it is stupid to give a "homeless" person a gun because they're all drunks and/or crazies, I bet you not one of those people has ever been in that horrible situation. If I were in that situation, I know I would go crazy.

Homelessness is a product of capitalism, which is all about going for it all, meaning someone has to be at the bottom. So any time you see a homeless person, you should be happy for them, especially if you love the USA, because without them, all you rich-ass bastards would have no way to get as much money as you want.

As for all you redneck stupid-ass "proud Americans" who love their Second Amendment: The more people love guns, the more they make. The more they make, the easier it is to get my hands on one. I've been oppressed by the devil's racist hand all my life. In these times, life's all fucked up and the mentality of my people (the oppressed people, hip-hoppers, Rastas, Third World civilians) don't give a fuck anymore for your fucking bullshit rules. The mentality is straight do or die. So, if you don't want to hire me because of my skin color, lifestyle or any other bullshit y'all (corporate America) come up with, I'm gonna take my piece of the pie any way I can.

So keep making guns, 'cause it makes it a lot easier to take back what's mine, what you stole from us people for so long. As long as guns are made, someone is getting killed. Fuck gun safety, because the whole purpose of a gun is to kill.

So if you love the Second Amendment, prepare to get robbed by me, 'cause on the streets, life can end any second. I'm prepared to kill anything that threatens me, just like the crooked-ass cops are taught: Shoot to kill. And you wonder why so many people are getting shot. Because almost everyone's got a gun, and everyone is afraid of each other. So if I feel threatened by your six-figure, Republican, racist ass, get ready for the plow, 'cause I don't give a fuck about no one but ME. And I'm not the only one who thinks like that. A gun makes it a lot easier to get my point across. So if you love guns, get ready for one in your face, because Armageddon is now.

Lorenzo Gonzalez

Arms Way
As I read David Holthouse's column ("Clip Joint," April 22), I could not help but think of the events in Colorado. The CNN moderator kept wondering how these "kids" could have the arsenal that was used, and why they did what they did. I think some of the answers could have been found in Holthouse's column. It sickened me when you observed that there were "lots of kids fondling, fiddling with and pointing guns." I visualized the two students doing just that--and it being condoned. And the bumper stickers! The mindset that creates these racist things turns my stomach. Funny how all these good American vendors are probably sitting in their living rooms tonight wondering how such a murderous rampage could happen, never thinking that maybe, just maybe, they themselves contribute to it. Their "right" to sell guns could have very possibly put those guns in those teenagers' hands, not for "home defense" but for killing and wounding innocent people.

Thank you for your informative column. Maybe some people will see that the Brady Bill should be covering all gun sales. Unfortunately, the condoning of racism in the country also was a factor in the murders in Littleton, but the availability of guns, whether it be murder in schools or road rage or police officers, must be stopped.

Barbara Blackford
via Internet

As a rule, your articles are well-informed and well-written, regardless of whether I agree with each and every observation or conclusion drawn. I must take issue with David Holthouse's column "Clip Joint."

"Clip Joint" is riddled with misinformation, dubious deduction and exaggeration. While it's better than most of what we see from the mainstream media, Mr. Holthouse repeatedly demonstrates his ignorance and couples it with shoddy journalistic technique.

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