While online looking for an article, I not unintentionally arrived at New Times. My purpose was to take a quick look at what's really happening in the desert and move on. Instead I wound up reading Michael Lacey's entire story on Pavle Milic ("To Serb With Love," June 3), and I enjoyed it very much. His life story stands up pretty well on its own, but played against the backdrop of war-torn Kosovo and the Colombian drug cartels, it was a real page-turner. Or is mouse-clicker more correct?

It was interesting to see the war from the perspective of one or two unwilling participants. The people running the show here don't have a clue how much the Serb's history impacts everything over there.

Steve Frangier
via Internet

I enjoyed your human-interest piece. It appears that this nihilistic carnage may be coming to an end. It seems the political and military Pluto has had his feast. Yet it is perplexing as much as it is troubling that the people of apparent higher educational background, cosmopolitan upbringings and analytical minds differ so deeply on the issue of truth. I am not talking about 1389; I am not talking about deep historical engraving that runs through the blood of ancient peoples. I am talking about the past two-and-a-half months, a year maybe. I am talking within the historical parameters of an American psyche.

You and your compatriots see so clearly "the Serbian crime," you trust the proclaimed humanitarianism of your leaders, you do not question the motives of Albanian stories and fuzzy photos of mass graves that have miraculously appeared each time NATO "erroneously" murdered civilians.

I see little of that. I see the cynical game of the rich and powerful who have never, ever acted in the name of humanity. I see the shutting down of an analytical mind, I see no questions being asked by the oh-so-free media. I see rage of the hegemony against the last bastions of self-preservation.

But the good news is that the outline of truth will always come to light. Sure, in 20 years, once nobody cares but the spirits of the victims, once when a new Robert McNamara decides to purge himself in a perverse literary ritual of a dying man. I still may be wrong, and then I will take my hat off to you, and to all who believed that in simplicity lies the wisdom. If the opposite is true, please remember it, and in 20 years have a moment of silence and drink a glass of red wine for the souls of desecrated Serbs, who as a nation may not exist by then. (But then, without false drama, that is the natural course in the evolution of humanity.)

T.J. Cooley
via Internet

Nice fairy tale! Ask an American Indian about "our" experiences with ethnic cleansing. I don't believe they will limit it to putting them on reservations. They might tell you about the Kit Carson campaign against the Navajo, the Trail of Tears and the many atrocities such as Wounded Knee.

Ted Bundy
via Internet

Here's a hot flash for Flashes and the left-wing nut director of Public Campaign, Ellen Miller (June 3). The list of politicians who have accepted NRA contributions is a roll of honor. These courageous congressmen have consistently defended the right of law-abiding Americans to own guns for sport, recreation and self-defense.

To imply that these fine public servants have sold their votes is a slur, a slander and a lie. The National Rifle Association is grass-roots politics at its best. We will continue to support our friends and attack our enemies with both money and votes.

No set of laws can prevent unfortunate criminal or accidental shootings. Just as laws requiring backyard pools to be fenced have not stopped all child drownings. There are already plenty of laws curtailing the access of guns to children. I suspect Ms. Miller and her anti-gun friends are using this tragic series of school shootings to promote the banning of firearms. They're just afraid to come right out and say it, knowing that they would be on the losing end of the debate.

Ellen Miller and her special-interest group, Public Campaign, are not really interested in clean elections. They are obviously intent on seizing the political process to promote their own left-liberal agenda. They are dishonest and they are wrong.

Jerry W. King

Just read "Soldiers of Fortune." I take that you are not a fan of the Second Amendment. You said that until we get special-interest money out of politics, we will not be able to get sane gun laws. Well, our brilliant elected officials have passed more than 20,000 gun laws in this country. If they haven't been able to come up with sane laws by now, even by accident, what makes you think that they ever will?

I think that if we do away with the Second Amendment, we should go ahead and do away with the First Amendment. It has done about as much damage as any of them. Let's not stop there, do away with the fourth as well.

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