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I read, I will admit, with horror-struck fascination your profile of Dr. Brian Finkel ("The Terminator," Amy Silverman, June 17). The remarkable reporting of Ms. Silverman left me with two looming questions, relating (respectively) to Dr. Finkel and to the article itself.

First, I was left at an utter loss rationally to explain Dr. Finkel's shamelessness, except in terms of his manifold personal flaws. He never explains what makes it okay to do what he does to "the product of conception." He equally refers to "Ernie the Embryo" and his (surviving) children as "embryos." Of course, he himself is a surviving embryo, as are we all. So how does he justify killing "embryos" at their most helpless? Is "choice" the alchemy that transforms a human being into tissue, or vice versa? If so, Finkel is awfully cozy with blatant magic, for a self-professed rationalist. How does he rationalize butchering what he knows, factually, to be a small human being?

Second, were you really unable to find any OB colleagues who would criticize Dr. Finkel's entire practice? Are there no pro-life physicians in the area? Are all of his peers really admirers and supporters, aside from their misgivings about his style? If so, how sad.

Thank you for a fascinating, horrifying tour of this dark and frightening soul. Somehow Stephen King seems far tamer now. I'm not sure that's good.

Name withheld by request

In reference to your article on Dr. Brian Finkel: It's unfortunate you attempted to shove your pro-choice beliefs upon readers and onlookers within a publication appearing to be a news weekly. The attention-grabbing cover and headliners indisputably show the sensational nature of your journalism.

The pro-choice side has numerous, compelling arguments. Those are precisely why I am pro-choice. Unfortunately, your poor coverage of an unprofessional, disgruntled and outspoken physician only gives the pro-lifers a stronger and more valid argument. It also left me to wonder whether I should feel disgusted, or perhaps embarrassed, to side myself with pro-choicers.

However, I have no doubts as to the quality of your publication. Your amateurish antics reek of a high school mentality unqualified in the discipline of journalistic integrity.

Joe Illing

What an excellent piece of work Amy Silverman did in writing the story of Brian Finkel! Absolutely great journalism. This is why I read New Times.

Any journalistic endeavor ought to be judged in two ways: style and content. No special knowledge is needed to judge style, but to assess content a reader needs to know something about the subject. In the case of Brian Finkel, I do. We both belong to a local chapter of Kiwanis, where Finkel is received about as you'd expect after reading Silverman's article. At Kiwanis luncheons, Finkel has celebrated a tragic accident that left one of his regular picketers a paraplegic and has commented vociferously on his contempt and distrust of his patients. Whether he truly cares for their health needs, I do not know, but Silverman captures a fundamental aspect of Finkel's character in her concluding quote concerning patients' complaints: "Well, if they do [complain], I don't listen to 'em." That's Finkel, all right.

George E. Ertel
via Internet

Your piece on Brian Finkel was very interesting. I got a very solid sense of who he is and how he approaches his business. Unfortunately, the article also made me feel incredibly sad and very ill. It's tragic that women slaughter their offspring. It's tragic that an obnoxious man gets rich helping them do it. Your article was informative and well-written, but it took me to a very dark place. Sigh.

Nora Peralta
Lakewood, Ohio

Abortionist Brian Finkel is a loose cannon. If there was ever doubt about this man being unstable, he has proved it with his quotes in Amy Silverman's article. He should not be allowed to own a gun, nor perform abortions.

Reverend Donald Spitz
Chesapeake, Virginia

My hat's off to Amy Silverman and her article.
In these times of scorched earth extremism, under the auspices of moral good, not to mention declining health-care quality, the thousands of unwanted fatherless children and epidemics of infections, I am thrilled that women have the choice of intelligent, thoughtful, high-quality care.

I applaud Dr. Brian Finkel.
Name withheld by request

Perhaps Dr. Finkel should replace the gun in his holster with the suction machine that kills 2,000-plus fetuses a year. There's no shoot-out, no fair-and-square draw, no chance for the innocent life that hasn't any defense.

Mr. Jakubczyk doesn't need a gun in a holster to defend those lives which Dr. Finkel takes on a daily basis. Whatever time he can gain in keeping Dr. Finkel away from his killing chamber by answering legal questions in court is time well spent. As for "the Terminator," you can only hope he realizes how sick he is, and makes amends to his higher power, whom I choose to call God.

John Shean

Just a note to let you know that I found your article on Brian Finkel very interesting. Although I would suspect your bias is pro-choice, you seem to be one of the few writers who really tried to be objective in your presentation of the information. As a person with a pro-life bias, I really appreciate your objectivity and excellence in journalism. It's refreshing to experience and, unfortunately, somewhat rare in our world which seems to be dominated by phenomena George Orwell named "Newspeak" and "Doublespeak."

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