Beautiful Noise

A group of local veterans comes out of semi-retirement to kick out the jams once again

The group intends to make the album (which includes the four original songs recorded during the Mayberry session as well as a remixed version of the title track) available as a seven-inch vinyl release within the next few months. "I'm a big fan of the seven-inch medium. I think it's really kind of the coolest way to put something out," says Monarch. "Plus, if you don't know who a band is, it's not a big deal to drop four bucks for a little piece of vinyl and check it out," says Monarch.

As for the future, the band is proceeding at a deliberate pace, trying to write more original material and cultivate enough of a following that they'll be able to headline shows in the near future.

The group's well-informed garage style is already winning them converts outside Arizona. "We played out in L.A. about two months ago. [Punk veteran and local resident] Jeff Dahl hooked us up with that. He's an old friend," says Monarch. "We're going back out with him in August, and we're supposed to play the Troubadour."

Would a successful appearance at the high-profile L.A. nightclub help turn the Sonic Thrills into a full-time proposition for the somewhat cautious group members?

"I've already made it a full-time thing. I spend every free moment working on this stuff," says Monarch. "So, yeah, I'm very much into it. We all are."

The Sonic Thrills are scheduled to perform on Sunday, July 11, at the Green Room in Tempe with Gwen Mars. The group will also perform on Friday, July 16, at Balboa Cafe in Tempe with the Peeps, and the Piersons.

Macha Do: Although they hail from the same rich Southern musical environment that produced this year's critical darlings Olivia Tremor Control, the eclectic rock outfit known as Macha specializes in a different breed of experimentalism than the Beatle-esque psych-pop of their Athens, Georgia, neighbors.

While it may be a bit of a stretch to say--as the band's press release does--that Macha have "no viable contemporary parallel"--their mix of authentic Indonesian, Asian and Eastern European sounds with modern indie rock (mostly in the vein of My Bloody Valentine and Girls Against Boys) is an especially unique and potent hybrid.

Macha's self-titled release from JetSet Records features some exotic (and curiously named) instrumentation ranging from hammered dulcimer and Javanese zither to something listed in the album's credits as "talem pong nipple gongs." For those curious to find out exactly how that particular instrument is miked, the group will be offering up their evocative sonic stew, along with the ambient-pop of Austin's American Analog Set, at downtown's Modified on Tuesday, July 13.

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