From the week of July 8, 1999

You know, what's funny is that you mention that Dr. Finkel gives a great pre- and post-abortion counseling. He understands us, and has a quality most admired in OB/GYNs. Ladies, he's practically painless and very gentle.

Name withheld by request

I just read your article about the abortion doctor in Phoenix, Dr. Finkel. I commend that man. He is fighting a never-ending battle. Pro-lifers are the most whacked people. They would rather kill a living, breathing human being than an unborn fetus. I thought the article was great and very courageous; pro-lifers will protest you now. Dr. Finkel is saving a lot of women by performing abortions. As long as sex is legal, women will get pregnant and want abortions. Whether or not it is legal, they will get them.

Heather Kelder
via Internet

Style Points
I generally applaud your style since you took over as editor. I love the political coverage you can do as a weekly. I love the way you keep trying to butt-slam Joke Arpaio. However, what I love best is your generally sick, twisted and demented combination of the book of sick comic strip with the Nightwatch column. These usually set each other off in such a repulsive manner that even I find it to be not in the best of taste. The distastefulness of the comic strip Red Meat is mitigated by its artist's residence in Tucson, especially as I know in what high regard you hold that center of sophistication in Arizona. (Especially considering that you seem to judge the relative merits of the local population centers by the nightclub scene per your Nightwatch and In the City columns.)

Just remember, you cannot please everyone, so you have to please me.
Robin Goodfellow

Gift Hotel
Kudos to the Flash for calling the City Council's shameless behavior regarding the downtown hotel as it is ("The Hotel Emergency," July 1). I always thought that the Arizona Republic is sort of like Pravda--an unquestioning, uncritical co-conspirator in the one-party rule of the state. Like the Soviet Union, the ruling elite (i.e., the GOP) rarely, if ever, has its errors pointed out in the news or criticized in the editorial pages. And, just like in the Soviet Union, the public is kept in the dark about the rapacious corruption of the party's leading figures. Socialism didn't work too well behind the Iron Curtain, and though one would think that such a shrill anti-Communist paper like the Republic would understand it, it won't work any better in Arizona. Keep up your vigilance and thanks for speaking up for the taxpayer.

Hank Lacey

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