Please consider this. Is this really the drumbeat you want to start?
Please choose some other inflammatory label for Jerry Colangelo and the rest of them. And have at it. Bravo!

And also please do not print my name, as I don't want to end up burned at the stake for my political conscience, backward outback that this crazy, wonderful state is.

Name withheld by request

Pregnant Pause
Wow! Thank you for writing the article about Dr. Brian Finkel ("The Terminator," Amy Silverman, June 17). What a sad sicko. By quoting him so extensively, it allows the reader to form an opinion about him without filter from you.

I'm proud to be pro-life and say the rosary outside an abortion mill with others most Saturday mornings. I think most do it for the same reason I do. I believe in the power of prayer, and I think abortion is as big a wrong as slavery was. The only thing we are armed with is our rosary beads. I think this is the case with most pro-life groups. There has been so little violence outside abortion mills in the years since Roe that it always amazes me how much media attention is given to it while very little is given to the violence that goes on inside them. Really, across America, how many instances can be documented in all those years?

A few things I found most informative in your article:
* Mrs. Abortionist's need to decorate the mill so it won't look like what it is.

* Finkel's claim that he does "good" with no competition, shortly after he describes himself as "articulate."

* Mrs. Abortionist's attempt to make herself sound more educated by describing herself as a "psych major."

They both sound very sad. Why would they care about the babies they are aborting when they aborted their own? I guess the compelling reason for doing that to their own child was an inconvenience, since you gave no other in the article.

Truly pro-life people have never been involved in any violence at abortion mills. Don't you get it? That would be against everything they stand for. I believe the abortionist killed in New York last year had other enemies more likely to have killed him, but, of course, you won't hear anything about that from major media sources. Your article was fascinating.

Rose Kehoe
via Internet

Your article on Brian Finkel was just the motivator I needed to join the "pro-life zealots" in protesting his abortion clinic. Thank you for the wake-up call! Still, I don't know how you can waste a dot of ink on this vulgar person. Worse yet, I don't know how any woman could lower her dignity to visit such a psycho.

Vickie Jahaske
via Internet

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