Flashes 08-19-1999

It's the Media Violence, Stupid

But Schindler -- who will practice intellectual property law -- is not going to walk away from the Symington case. He's already making arrangements to be appointed as a special prosecutor if the government elects to reindict Symington and take the case to trial.

Symington, meanwhile, will have to continue to dig deep into his wife's wallet to finance his decade-long battle to stay out of the brig. He's already spent more than $4 million since 1991 -- with most of it going to Dowd.

Another indictment and trial will ring up a few million more in legal fees. In the end, Symington will likely be packing his bags for an extended stay in a federal prison.

It would have been far cheaper if the Fifester had just paid his debts rather than circulating bogus financial statements that inflated his worth -- and ego -- to skyscraper proportions.

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