Last Gang in Town

Local girl-punks the Peeps espouse the politics of good old rock 'n' roll

"He's the coolest guy," says Mischke.

One of the songs, "Stiletto," is slated to appear on an upcoming Super 8 compilation that will also include contributions from the Rondells and Tucson's Weird Lovemakers.

The band also has tentative plans to record songs for a Nicky and the Corvettes tribute album set to be released next year on Lipstick Records.

Queens of noise: The Peeps -- glamorous punks.
Paolo Vescia
Queens of noise: The Peeps -- glamorous punks.
Young and fast: The Peeps. From left, Liz Adams, Paula Monarch, Chela Mischke.
Paolo Vescia
Young and fast: The Peeps. From left, Liz Adams, Paula Monarch, Chela Mischke.

"We also want to do a couple more seven-inches and then an EP. We just want to record more songs and do a full-length record," says Monarch. "We have a couple of different record labels that are interested."

Although they've played everywhere from the Mason Jar to the Green Room, the Peeps' unofficial home base is at Tempe's Cannery Row. While that bar was once frat-boy heaven, Monarch and Brian D. of Destroy Your Generation DJ's have taken over its booking duties, turning the bar into a growing venue for the East Valley punk scene. Cannery Row has played host to a number of shows by local acts including the Impossibles, Uber Alice, Sonic Thrills and others. The club's momentum peaked with last month's sold-out Peeps/Bulemics show.

"There had never been the maximum occupancy at Cannery Row except when the Super Bowl was here and Diana Ross came flying out of an airplane," says Monarch, laughing. "I couldn't believe it, 'cause when you left and wanted to come back, you had to wait."

For Mischke, the band's allegiance to the club is a natural.

"We love playing at Cannery Row because you know everyone that shows up there. It's always a great crowd and they're really cool because they're there for the music."

Word of mouth has already spread amongst the handful of out-of-town bands that have played at the club.

"You book one band and give them a show, take care of them and give them a place to stay, and a month later you have five or six bands -- their friends -- who are calling you," says Monarch. "So the club should have a lot of good things coming up."

Among those "good things" are a pair of upcoming shows featuring the Viles, a Portland-based punk band, and L.A.'s BMovie Rats.

As for the Peeps, whatever commercial prospects the future holds, all three band members agree that the most important thing was finding each other.

"It was a matter of waiting to come together," notes the happily married Monarch. "In a way, the Peeps is like its own perfect marriage."

The Peeps are scheduled to perform on Friday, October 8, at Cannery Row in Tempe, with the BMovie Rats, and the Sonic Thrills. The Peeps are also scheduled to perform on Monday, October 11, at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, with the 440's (showtime is 9 p.m.); and at Cannery Row on Friday, October 22, with the Viles, and the Beat-Offs (showtime is 9:30 p.m.).

Virgin Party: On Friday, October 8, the Virgin Megastore at the Arizona Mills mall in Tempe will play host to Bob Log III's album-release party. Log, leader of Tucson blues/noise merchants Doo Rag, will be marking the release of his first solo album, Trike. The show will also include performances and appearances by a number of local artists including Les Payne Product, the Peeps (see story above), Vic Masters, the Phunk Junkeez, Puppet Head and many others. KUPD's Larry Mac will host the event, which is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m.

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