Freddy Kroger

Teamsters face a nightmare on 99th Avenue

But Kroger can't do that. Because it sells groceries instead of computer chips, garage door openers or Beanie Babies, Kroger can't move its labor force to Mexico, or Indonesia, or El Salvador, or Bangladesh, or any other place where sweat comes cheap, and the authorities are known to shoot foul-mouthed picketers outside the company gates.

So we have a good seat for the Tolleson strike because the local union has a tangible target to strike against. We've even been asked by the Teamsters to participate by refusing to spend our money at Fry's.

So, we have a decision to make. Do we side with the strikers, or with Pichler and his anonymous Kroger underlings?

Picketers outside the warehouse on 99th Avenue.
Paolo Vescia
Picketers outside the warehouse on 99th Avenue.

Ask yourself this: Whom do you like more, and whom are you more like?

And remember -- it's not a boycott. It's a strategic action.

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