Catch a Falling Star

Ricky Martin is in a show-biz tailspin. The boy needs help. And he needs it now.

Ricky, don't sit on your cute butt. Get out there and shake it while you can.

Excerpted from The People, July 18, 1999

"There was an instant attraction," said 27-year-old model and actress Adriana Biega. "As soon as I saw him I knew we would end up in bed together although it didn't happen until our third date.

"Ricky, where's that fake psychotic smile you normally have plastered on your face? Cheer up, kiddo, we've got career advice."
"Ricky, where's that fake psychotic smile you normally have plastered on your face? Cheer up, kiddo, we've got career advice."

"It is a night I will never forget," she continued. "He invited me round to his fantastic mansion in Miami. We couldn't keep our hands off each other and within two hours of me arriving we were in bed. It was a magical evening. At first we chatted and listened to some music. Then suddenly we stopped speaking. Ricky didn't need to say anything because he says it all with his sexy, beautiful eyes. We kissed passionately and couldn't wait to undress each other.

"Ricky is very passionate but very gentle at the same time. He is an extremely experienced lover and knew how to make me feel comfortable even though I was nervous. It was something we both wanted and it was very intense. We made love for hours. Ricky has real staying power and is very inventive. I did not stay the night that first time. I went home to think about the wonderful night I had just had. I was overwhelmed. I knew Ricky had women throwing themselves at him the whole time but I wasn't in awe of his fame. I was just overwhelmed by him as a man. He is a fantastic person and a wonderful lover with a great physique.

"Sometimes we would just find ourselves staring silently into each other's eyes. His were so expressive and sexy -- it was like visual foreplay. We would make love all night long. It was so erotic for me because I love to be stroked and Ricky knows how to use his hands to please a woman. He gently caressed my cheek and neck and my breasts and made me tingle all over.

"I can assure you that Ricky is man, all man and he adores women. I know from wonderful, first-hand experience what a passionate, skilled lover he is. Sorry guys! He clearly loves the female form. He liked my body a lot, especially stroking my neck, shoulders, and cheeks. I also know he liked my breasts and loved to caress them gently."

Ricky Martin is scheduled to perform on Thursday, November 18, at America West Arena. Showtime is 7 p.m.

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