See Ya Later, Litigator

Notorious jailhouse lawyer turned quick-change artist finally tastes freedom

Since Acker's orange ensemble actually was found neatly folded beneath a parked car in the parking lot, I ask Arra if she walked out the front door.

It's a "theory," he says.

Did she leave a note?

Mike Gorman


A summons?

Officials "diligently" investigated how Acker escaped. Other inmates, staff and "associates" of Acker were interviewed. Law enforcement launched a massive nationwide search, but, in the end, the little old lady was found sacked out on a couch at the MU.

Campus police thought she was a homeless woman, but then they spied some documents on the table near the couch. Legal documents bearing Acker's name. She disavowed any knowledge of them, of course, but after police ran a computer check, they didn't believe her.

In the end, it was Acker's litigious obsession that did her in.

I never thought Acker would let the cops catch her alive.

After all, she had nothing to lose.

But now that Arizona officials had the misfortune to snag Acker, they should take my advice and send the old bird straight to Colorado; let her start her life sentence now.

Otherwise, she'll probably file two more lawsuits against DOC.

One for catching her.

And one for making her wear orange.

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