Cox Suckers

Shedding tiers over IFC

A spokeswoman at IFC said the change had to do with unspecified "viewer complaints" from Valley viewers, and that it had no control over how Cox makes IFC available in the Valley. Then another PR rep from IFC called and said she hadn't heard anything about complaints.

"There were also some customers that were disappointed with the change," says Cox's Smith. "But we review our customers' viewing interest on a regular basis and again we felt that this alignment -- it's aligned with one of our digital movie tiers -- and it just fit that movie genre very, very well."

It's a nickel-and-diming, the sort of thing the deregulating Telecommunications Act of 1996 was designed to prevent.

Trainspotting: Yours for a price.
Trainspotting: Yours for a price.
Trainspotting: Yours for a price.
Liam Longman
Trainspotting: Yours for a price.

"A number of customers called in excited about the prospect of getting Discovery Health," Alex Horwitz of Cox tells me. "We are receiving calls from all different sides."

I suffered through a few hours of Discovery Health programming and saw little more than legal narcotic tidbits from grandma's soup/cold remedies and the benefits of using lots of Kleenex with a stuffy nose. Tummy aches, spilled milk and other nettlesome issues are confronted.

I saw "Squeeze Wrench" and "Hook 'n' Hang for $14.95" ads. Herbal Viagra. Suzanne Somers, too, with her Torso Trak, asking me for a minute of my time. Yeah, I'll take Somers over any IFC show

It's good to know some things are still easy.

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