We Be Clubbin'

Young alternative rockers are spending more and more downtime playing golf. How the hell did that happen?

Cherry Poppin' Daddies singer Steve Perry takes special pride in dressing to annoy. "The guys I golf with really look like shit on the course, so we get looks and sometimes they don't want to let us play. A friend of ours looks like Frank Zappa. Sometimes he'll wear pink running shorts that are too small for him and his nuts will, like, stick out of the bottom."

The barter system still works in getting favors from bands. It used to be groupies traded oral sex and drugs with bouncers to get backstage; now all it takes is a tee time. Ward says that a member of UCLA's golf team offered lessons and slots on prestigious courses in exchange for some tickets. Einziger says that happens a lot for them as well.

"I just met a woman the other night in Sacramento working security at the venue we were playing at," he says. "She told me that she was an instructor at one of the local courses and 'Any time you come back, just find the club and we'll hook you up.' A lot of times the courses will hook us up for free or whatever if we get the people that work there into the rock concert.

"Just get me out on the golf course and yeah, the show's no problem."

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