Flashes 02-03-2000

McDermott: Look at this guy.

Casey Moore's Customer #4: Why do people do that?

Casey Moore's Customer #1 (customer completes pulling down pants): Zoom in to this, you faggot. Zoom in.

McDermott: I've been asking these guys for six months just to keep it cool out front. You know.

Casey Moore's Customer #4: Right. You know, what I don't understand is the establishment. They have the back here. It seems like it would be a lot easier if they would just move everybody to the back instead of the front.

McDermott: That's what we've asked. Time and time again.

Casey Moore's Customer #5: It's against my religion to take a photograph of me. If I find it on the web, I'll sue your ass.

McDermott: I mean it. Can you believe the harassment I'm getting here?

Casey Moore's Customer #4: It's comical. I, I can't believe it.

McDermott: I mean. This guy was like over here like just a minute ago like threatening to beat me up.

Casey Moore's Customer #4: Just because you're doing this?

McDermott: I'm not looking. I'm not looking to. I don't want to do this. Believe me. This is not my idea of, of a nice Friday night.

Fortunately for Casey's, none of its advocates used similar language at the zoning hearing. Casey's won permission to keep utilizing its patio space.

Great Scott

This note from crack NT copy editor Scott Verbout:

"I ran a story through spell-check, and it stopped at the word 'shithole.' The suggested replacement: 'tithe.'

(Copy editor humor.)"

Hahahahahahahahaha. You slay me!

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