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In reply to "Mr." Donaldson's letter (Letter's, February 3), it is ignorant creeps like you who are the problem! Only a true shithead like you would think that a desert filled with cactus, lizards and other of God's flora and fauna as a "shithole wasteland." If you don't like the desert, move! Did it ever cross your mind that a lot of people consider a bland, homogenized strip mall plopped down in the middle of a fake environment and catering only to the spend-spend-spend mindset as the real "shithole wasteland"? So what's wrong with a small mall with local merchants in a natural desert setting? Some of us actually like the desert and mourn its passing.

Brian McKee

Never have I been moved to respond to a letter to the editor, but I have been reading New Times for some time now, and while your readers can bitch splendidly when it comes to specific issues or public figures, my God, they are weak when they attack this city. And all the way from Seattle (Letters, January 27)!

I could be wrong, Wendy Gallacci, but is Seattle not the only place they canceled the big New Year's party? Did they not have to implement a curfew there a while back? And, lest we forget, did not a bunch of persons against personal hygiene make the national news and many standup comics happy by kicking the shit out of downtown?

I lived in the great Pacific Northwest a lot longer than you and I will let you in on a secret: If you read/listen to editorials, everyone in Washington who doesn't live there hates Seattle, and that means they hate you, unless, of course, you hate little owls and love guns, and this applies to Oregon versus Portland, Florida versus Miami and anywhere else that has one or two big cities in an otherwise mostly rural space.

So, to all you who despise Phoenix, here is my advice: Pick a quaint little hamlet in, say, southern Oregon, and sentence yourself to at least five years. Then you will really learn how to bitch.

Donald Eastman

Pollen Nation

"Heartbreak Kids" by Bob Mehr (January 27) was one of the best and most accurate reviews I have ever read. Mehr hit Pollen's "Chip" dead on.

Stephanie Baijot

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