Flashes 02-24-2000

The Flash has always dug Stills but had never seen him live. He's a fine record-maker, known for his silky croon, but he's even better in person. Monday, there was a bit of gravel in his voice, and it suited him. Clad in a bright beach shirt, Stills seemed content to spend most of the show as a role player, but toward the end he stepped up and worked it hard with his jaded but catchy new number, "Seen Enough," and then on to "Woodstock" and "Love the One You're With." His fretwork was restaurant quality.

Young and Stills sing and play with conviction.

The Flash wishes he could say the same for Crosby, who looks a lot like Wild Bill Hickok would look today if he hadn't been shot in the back in Deadwood in 1876. Crosby has written some magnificent tunes -- and, like all the others, certainly deserves his place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But there was a perfunctory air wafting about the world's most unlikely sperm donor.

Nash's ear candy is, in the Flash's view, expendable. During "Marrakesh Express," the Flash swears he saw a thought blob appear above Young's head. It read, "Gawd, I hate this song."

Then again, perhaps that blob was Crosby's old liver.

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